Nephrectomy assisted by the da Vinci® Robot

Our Price: $17,140 USD (Two Night Stay)

At Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico we take pride in offering our patients top quality surgeries by using the most advanced medical technologies to date.

Nephrectomy surgery treats different diseases that affect the kidney, such as cancer by removing the organ. In addition, it is also used to remove a healthy kidney from a donor, for a transplantation.

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What is the da Vinci® Surgical System?

The da Vinci Surgical System is an advanced robotic-assisted surgical platform designed to expand our surgeon’s operating capabilities and offer an improved minimally invasive option for our patients. The da Vinci Robot provides our surgeon a superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort. 

The da Vinci systems make it possible for our skilled and certified surgeons to perform improved minimally invasive procedures that involve a complex dissection or reconstruction.

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Our Facilities at Angeles Hospital

Most Trusted and Recognized Hospital for +10 years

  • Personalized attention with US based case manager
  • Peace of mind of knowing you are getting treated by the highest quality and most prestigious hospital in Mexico. Everyone knows Angeles is quality.
  • Most recognized and trusted private medical institution in Mexico with over 10 years
  • Fully equipped hospital with emergency rooms and 24hr. nurses for any type of unexpected situation (Not a Clinic like most)
  • Best medical facilities in Tijuana
  • Shuttle Service
  • Many amenities
  • Comfortable rooms with companion accommodations
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How is Nephrectomy with the da Vinci® Robot performed?

Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

For more information on how our Nephrectomy surgery is performed with the da Vinci Robot at Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, please contact us today using our “Request More Information” form at the bottom of our page.

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da Vinci® Assisted Nephrectomy FAQ’s

Frequently-Asked-Questions about Nephrectomy

For more information about our surgeries assisted by the da Vinci Robot  at Angeles Health International and how they offer a safer and more advanced solution for different conditions, please read our most frequently asked questions or contact us today using our “Request More Information” form at the bottom of our page.

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Patients need to have proper evaluation, with the results and their previous medical history, our medical team and the patient will decide together if the da Vinci Robot surgery is their best option.

Patients at Angeles Hospital Tijuana, enjoy different benefits when having a da Vinci assisted Nephrectomy. Using this type of advanced medical equipment, offers the following benefits:

  • Tremor-free surgery, having more precise sutures.
  • Advanced visualization of the tissue, allowing them to have better manipulation.
  • Minimally invasive surgery, patients enjoy a faster recovery from surgery.
  • Reduced mortality rates for renal failure.
  • Improved quality of life.

Nephrectomy patients who had the da Vinci assisted surgery, have lower probabilities of having post-op complications. In addition, their hospital stay is reduced significantly.

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Urology Center of Excellence

Angeles Hospitals now offers a wide variety of da Vinci assisted surgeries to treat different conditions which  affect the human body. Our Urology procedures are:

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