Hysterectomy Surgery

Hysterectomy is one of the most common gynecological surgical procedures involving removal of the womb. Generally, a hysterectomy is performed to correct disorders of the reproductive system, such as uterine fibroids, adenomyotic, endometriosis, cervical or uterine cancer or abnormal menstrual cycles.

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Hysterectomy Procedure

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For women who experience the inconvenience, pain and emotional stress of suffering from a genealogical condition, a hysterectomy can provide a much-needed release from the pain and exhaustion of coping with the condition. While it is not a procedure that should be taken likely, if other alternatives prove unsuccessful, hysterectomy can change some women’s lives.

Depending on the condition and needs of the patient, a hysterectomy can be full or partial and the ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix may also be removed during the procedure if necessary.

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Hysterectomy (Benign) assisted by the da Vinci® Robot

At Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico we take pride in offering our patients top quality surgeries by using the most advanced medical technologies to date. Our patients enjoy surgical autonomy and efficiency, thanks to the da Vinci Robot.

Our Hysterectomy surgery with the da Vinci Robot is also designed for patients who suffer from benign conditions such as: endometriosis or adenomyosis and pelvic prolapse. All of them affect the woman’s reproductive system, which consists of the uterus, vagina, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

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If patients are suffering from the following conditions, they may be considered candidates for the da Vinci assisted Hysterectomy:

  • Endometriosis: occurs when your uterine lining grows outside the uterus.
  • Pelvic Prolapse: is the slipping of your uterus, vagina and/or bladder.

However, patients need to have a proper evaluation to determine if they are good candidates for the procedure. Our medical team will be there every step of their experience to help them make an informed decision.

In addition, patients who are not candidates for non-robotic minimally invasive surgery, are not candidates for da Vinci Surgery, including da Vinci Surgery with Single-Site Instruments.

Our Hysterectomy performed by the da Vinci Robot offers our patients a minimally invasive solution using the most innovative technology, for them to have the best results possible.

Our surgeons control the da Vinci system, through small incisions. Using thin and small instruments that have more flexibility than human hands, allowing them to bend and rotate to have a better manipulating of the tissue. In addition, they have a 3D HD vision system, allowing them to have a magnified vision of the tissue. All these features, make for:

  • Excellent visualization thanks to the 3D HD camera. Allowing surgeons to have a more precise suction and irrigation step.
  • More precision and control for dissection.
  • Quick and easy sutures.
  • Surgical autonomy and efficiency during critical procedure steps.
  • The ability to maintain a clear surgical field, enabling our surgeon to quickly identify bleeding vessels to manage hemostasis

For patients choosing the da Vinci assisted Hysterectomy, they will enjoy the following benefits compared to our traditional laparoscopic Hysterectomy and our open surgery:

  • Minimizes conversion to open surgery.
  • Minimizes the need of abdominal hysterectomy.
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Shorter stay in the hospital
  • Minimal scarring
  • Lower conversion rate to open surgery
  • Less need for narcotic pain medicine

Hysterectomy patients, may be experience some of the following risks associated with the traditional open surgery:

  • Injury to ureters
  • Vaginal cuff problems
  • Blood cloth
  • Incision opens
  • Injury to bladder
  • Bowel injury
  • Problems urinating
  • Unsuspected cancer tissue
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

*Cancer spread: Patients undergoing a hysterectomy who have an undiagnosed cancer may be at risk of having cancer cells spread if the uterus is cut into pieces for removal.

Serious complications may occur in any surgery, including da Vinci® Surgery, including but not limited to:

  • Separation of the vaginal incision
  • Blocked lung artery
  • Urinary tract injury
  • Temporary Pain
  • Nerve Injury
  • Injury to tissues and organs
  • Conversion to other surgical techniques

Hysterectomy Surgery

About our Surgical Procedure at Angeles Hospital

The womb can be removed through an incision in the abdomen or vagina. Abdominal hysterectomy allows the surgeon more visibility of the pelvic organs, and is usually the best choice if further complications are anticipated or if the patient has a large pelvis. Generally, surgeons will opt for a vaginal hysterectomy, where the uterus and cervix are removed via a small cut in the vagina. This is more difficult than an abdominal hysterectomy, but involves less recovery time and scarring.

The package includes 1-2 days in hospital, all surgical team fees and transfers between Angeles Hospital Tijuana and San Diego Airport.

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AngelesHealth General Surgery area offers different surgical procedures for our patients benefit: 

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