6 Reasons To Choose AngelesHealth In Mexico

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

In today’s global healthcare landscape, patients within the AngelesHealth medical tourism network have a myriad of options to explore. Over the past few years, thousands of Americans and international patients have opted to travel abroad for medical care, drawn by the combination of quality and affordability.

Amidst this shifting paradigm, AngelesHealth emerges as a leading choice for accessible, high-quality medical care that feels close to home. Discover the top six reasons why thousands of patients annually choose AngelesHealth:

1. Mexico’s Largest Medical Tourism Network

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

In terms of safety and accountability, AngelesHealth medical tourism network stands as Mexico’s largest private healthcare network. Offering an extensive range of services, specialists, and care, we provide unparalleled reassurance to international patients seeking the best possible medical attention.

Within the AngelesHealth medical tourism network, patients benefit from:

  • A vast network comprising numerous hospitals, clinics and centers
  • Dozens of operating rooms available for various procedures
  • Hundreds of beds to accommodate patients’ needs
  • Thousands of medical professionals in our team of physicians and specialists

AngelesHealth operates as a cohesive network of healthcare professionals, collaborating seamlessly to deliver a comprehensive array of services. As a network, we leverage provider discounts to ensure our patients receive high-quality healthcare at more affordable rates.

2. Certified State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

AngelesHealth operates a network of dozens of hospitals across Mexico, each exemplifying the pinnacle of modern medical technology. As the only internationally recognized hospital network in Mexico, AngelesHealth ensures that patients receive care of the highest standard.

Equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, AngelesHealth facilities feature advanced equipment from industry leaders such as Philips and Siemens. We also prioritize patient safety and comfort by utilizing trusted pharmaceuticals from Pfizer and Novartis, as well as top-quality medical supplies from 3M and Johnson & Johnson.

At AngelesHealth facilities in Tijuana, patient rooms are designed to provide comfort and privacy. Each room includes private en suite bathrooms, flat-screen televisions, spacious dining/conversation areas, and cozy sleeping accommodations for visitors.

Within the AngelesHealth medical tourism network, we understand that exceptional healthcare is more than just state-of-the-art equipment—it’s about compassionate care at every step. Our commitment to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment ensures that patients and their families feel at ease throughout their journey. From modern amenities to top-notch facilities, AngelesHealth offers everything you need right within our complex.

Testimonials speak volumes about the unparalleled experience at AngelesHealth:

“The facilities surpassed all my expectations. The facilities were impressive, boasting 12 stories of modern architecture and furnished private rooms that rivaled any in the Bay Area. The advanced Siemens labs and technology only added to the excellence.”

– Chris B., Burlingame, CA

“My stay in Mexico was nothing short of exceptional. The immaculate facilities provided a serene setting for recovery, complete with spacious private rooms where my boyfriend could stay overnight. The attentive nurses ensured my comfort at every turn.”

– AngelesHealth Patient

“The beauty and cleanliness of the facility took us by surprise. AngelesHealth went above and beyond to provide us with a truly remarkable experience. Thank you for everything.”

– Cheryl and Duane W., San Antonio, TX

At AngelesHealth, we’re dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing unparalleled care in a setting that feels like home.

3. World Class Doctors and Medical Professionals

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

As the premier medical tourism network in Mexico, AngelesHealth attracts top-tier medical talent from around the globe. With over 11,000 physicians and 15,000 specialists across our network, our team comprises some of the most skilled professionals in their respective fields.

For instance, Dr. Carlos Marciales stands out as a leading expert in plastic surgery, renowned for his mastery of innovative techniques and dedication to patient care. Additionally, Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala is internationally recognized as one of the foremost weight-loss surgeons globally, offering unparalleled expertise in bariatric procedures.

Many of our physicians have received their education and completed fellowships at prestigious institutions such as the University of California in San Diego (UCSD), the University of Kansas, the University of Guadalajara, the University of Baja California, and the Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. At AngelesHealth, we pride ourselves on assembling a world-class team committed to delivering exceptional care and groundbreaking treatments.

Alternative Cancer Treatments Team

Our medical professionals prioritize kindness and compassion in every interaction with our patients. They go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, provide clear explanations of procedures, and personally follow up with you after your stay. All of our physicians are bilingual, ready to assist English speakers worldwide.

Testimonials speak volumes about the exceptional care at AngelesHealth:

“Dr. Julio and his team were exceptional! Their compassionate and professional approach made me feel at ease throughout my treatment.”

– Donnie Brenneman, Virginia Beach

“Dr. Alvarez went above and beyond, calling me twice after my return to San Francisco to check on my progress. A true professional.”

– Chris B., Burlingame, CA

“AngelesHealth provided the best patient care I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Cervantes exceeded all expectations, and the anesthesiologist took the time to explain everything thoroughly. An absolutely fantastic experience.”

– Brittany Boyce, USA

4. U.S. Based Case Managers

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

At AngelesHealth, our dedicated English-speaking case managers streamline the medical travel process for our patients. Each patient within our medical tourism network is assigned a U.S.-based case manager, ensuring personalized support throughout their journey.

Our case managers prioritize patient comfort and confidence, guiding them through every step of their medical travel experience. Available before, during, and after the procedure, they provide assistance and support whenever needed.

Testimonials from our patients highlight the invaluable support provided by our case managers:

“My case manager was instrumental in expediting my examination process, allowing me to make informed decisions promptly.”

– Wyatt W. MSc, PhD

“Our case manager went above and beyond, ensuring our satisfaction throughout our hospital and hotel stay. Her daily check-ins ensured everything was taken care of to our liking, making our experience truly pleasant.”

– Cheryl and Duane W., San Antonio, TX

5. Decades of Medical Tourism Experience

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

The concept of traveling for medical care has garnered widespread attention in recent years, but AngelesHealth Medical Tourism Network has been catering to patients from across the globe for an extensive period.

Mexico stands out as a premier destination for medical tourism, frequently highlighted in various media outlets for its provision of top-notch healthcare services at significantly lower costs. Particularly appealing to Americans and Canadians, Mexico offers proximity for medical care and an idyllic climate conducive to post-operative recovery.

In tandem with the growth of the medical tourism industry, regulatory bodies have emerged to ensure the maintenance of high standards. The Joint Commission International (JCI), established in 1994, plays a pivotal role in identifying medical tourism facilities that consistently meet and uphold these stringent performance standards. Within the AngelesHealth Medical Tourism Network, we take pride in our JCI-accredited facilities, which include a variety of the locations in Tijuana, ensuring that our patients receive care of the highest quality.

6. Conveniently Located 25 Minutes from San Diego Airport

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Network

When it comes to seeking medical care abroad, ease and convenience are paramount. At AngelesHealth Medical Tourism Network, we understand the importance of making your journey as seamless as possible.

Located in close proximity to major U.S. cities and airports, AngelesHealth Tijuana is just a short 25-minute drive from San Diego, California Airport, and a mere 5 minutes from the International Border. Plus, to ensure your journey is hassle-free, we provide complimentary door-to-door service from San Diego airport to our medical tourism network facilities. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Testimonials from our satisfied patients speak volumes about the convenience and care they experienced:

“The entire experience, from pick up to drop off, was absolutely fantastic.”

– Brittany Boyce, USA

“They offer a comprehensive system of patient care that ensures constant support from the moment you arrive at the San Diego train station or airport until the time you depart. It’s reassuring to know that you’ll never be left alone in a unfamiliar city.”

– Bill Mead, Grosse Ile, Michigan, USA

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