Every year thousands of Americans go abroad for medical health care. There are many reasons to become a medical tourist; you can recover from a medical procedure in peace, incorporate it into a holiday, receive life-saving or life-changing procedures that may not yet be available in your country or may not be covered by medical insurance.

Medical tourists at Angeles Health hospitals receive the very best levels of care from world class physicians who have access to brand new equipment and cutting edge procedures. All with the added bonus of saving thousands of dollars compared to domestic medical package prices.

Lack of Medical Insurance Rising

The recently released America’s Health Rankings for 2012 showed that levels of uninsured Americans are at an all-time high with 16% of Americans who don’t have health insurance privately, through their employer or through the government. This means that even more Americans are turning to Angeles Health in Mexico for their medical needs, from prescription drugs to fertility treatment and cosmetic surgery, from cancer and diabetes treatment to weight loss surgery.

The Effect of being Uninsured

Lack of health insurance can significantly affect the overall health of a family. Families who don’t have health insurance are less able to access basic levels of healthcare that help individuals to stay healthy and prevent critical illness. The unmet health needs of individuals without health insurance, combined with a general decline in quality of life, pose a potential burden on the health care system, as unmet needs progress into serious conditions that require more expensive treatment.

A lack of health insurance can result in more visits to the emergency department, due to the individual being unable to access treatment elsewhere, with ED admissions costing up to 10 times as much as treatment in a clinic. People who are uninsured and do not have any other medical options, such as receiving medical healthcare overseas, are found to have worse health outcomes and higher mortality rates, due to later diagnosis for serious diseases, such as cancer.

Overall, uninsured people whose health needs are not met have a 25% higher risk of mortality in comparison to insured individuals.

The survey shows that 24% of people in Texas do not have health insurance and need to rely instead on state provided health care, private funding or medical tourism. Massachusetts is the only state whose levels of uninsured residents remain below 8%.

Medical Tourism

Many uninsured Americans opt for the outstanding value and level care that medical tourism offers. Thousands of Canadians and Americans flock to Mexico every year for prescriptions and cosmetic and essential healthcare procedures. Angeles Health International is Mexico’s largest network of private hospitals, serving Mexican nationals and medical tourists alike. Our world class surgeons, state of the art facilities and cutting edge medical procedures ensure that our patients receive the best possible level of care and the best outcomes at the lowest prices.

If you would like to find out more about being a medical tourist in Mexico please contact us.