January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month, so to help you fight the January blues and get your family in shape, Angeles Health have 4 great New Year’s resolutions that will get you and your family healthy, make you feel better and look great. The great news is these resolutions are easy to keep. These simple changes are resolutions that aren’t just for 2013, they are for life.

1/ Plan your diet.
It is much easier to stick to a healthy diet if you know roughly what you will be eating during the week. Plan to have at least one fish day a week, and at least one day where your main meal includes only vegetables (a thick soup or vegetable chilli makes this easy).

In doing this you will be able to make sure that at least one main meal a week is high in nutrients and low in calories, and that you get some protein-rich fish in your diet.

2/ Drink more water.
This is a common diet “tip’ but the reason it is so well known is because it is so good and so effective! Water is cheap, fat-free and essential for your overall health. Remember, any fluids count as “water’, even your cup of tea, but a glass of plain water is the best.

Encourage your whole family to drink eight glass of water a day. Do this by making sure you all have a glass of water with every meal. Try drinking a small glass of water before you have a drink that you fancy, such as a cup of coffee, a soda, or a glass of wine. If you have children who are reluctant to drink water, you could make it fun; count their water intake for each day and make it a challenge to beat it the next day. This will make you all look and feel healthier, improving your skin, detoxing your system and boosting your digestive system.

3/ Eat a Rainbow.
Most of us know that 5 portions of fruit and veg are important in our family’s day to day diet. What not many of us know is that variety is also key. Eating 5 portions of broccoli a day is good, but eating a variety of fruit and veg is even better.

The way to get as much value as possible from your fruit and vegetables is to go for different colours. Red apples, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green spinach, blue blueberries, indigo eggplant and violet grapes (you get the idea) will help to keep you fit and healthy. Eating a rainbow is a fun and easy way to make sure that you and your family get the range of nutrients they need from their diet.

4/ Snack Smart.
Many people think that eating nothing between meals is the best way to lose weight. This is, however, potentially hazardous as you become so hungry you end up resorting to unhealthy snacks or eat much more at mealtimes.

By having healthy snacks available to you and your family between meals, you can avoid the desire to reach for the chips and cookies and get some extra healthy food on board instead.

Aiming for around 100 calories a snack, replace your usual snacks with things like a small yoghurt with chopped banana and nuts, or a hard-boiled egg. Encourage your children to enjoy the snacks by making them more fun; slice fruit and arrange it into a smiley face, or give them names that will engage younger children. After all, Batman Banana has to taste better than a normal banana, right?

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