The recently released America’s Health Rankings for 2012 show that Vermont comes out on top overall for the 4th year running, making it the healthiest State in America.

The report compiles data from a range of authorities, including the US departments of Commerce, Education, Justice and Labor, Health and Human Services; The Environmental protection Agency, US Census Bureau and The American Medical Association to determine the health levels of each American State.

The health rankings examine four areas that affect health. These are:
Behaviour, which describes choices that we make every day that affect our health. The behaviours measured include smoking, binge drinking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and high school graduation.
Community and Environment, which looks at the social factors that can affect the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. These include statistics on: violent crime, occupational fatalities, infections disease, children in poverty and air pollution.
Policy, which can have an effect on the resources available to help individuals to stay healthy and the ability of public and health programs to reach and improve the health of members of the population. Areas measured include: lack of health insurance, public health funding and immunization coverage.
Clinical Care describes the quality, cost and appropriate levels of care individuals received at doctor’s surgeries, clinics and hospitals. Clinical care is measured by taking statistics on factors including low birth weight, the number of primary care physicians available and the number of preventable hospitalizations.

The Top 5
Since the survey was first conducted in 1990, Hawaii has never dropped out of the top 6 healthiest states, coming 2nd this year. The other states in the top 5 healthiest states are New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Take Action
Whether you are in the healthiest State, or the least healthy State, there is a lot you can do to make sure that you stay as healthy as possible. The decisions you make every day, no matter how small, will impact your health. Whether to eat that cookie or have a handful of nuts instead; whether to get a cab, bus or drive to work or walk; one more alcoholic or high fat drink versus a fresh juice or glass of water, will all make a small difference to your overall health. Lots of small, healthy decisions will add up to a much healthier you in 2013.

You may be making decisions on your health; maybe you are considering orthopaedic surgery for a condition that stops you from being active, or weight loss surgery to get you on the road to being a healthy weight. If you are considering life-changing surgery then contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on how Angeles Health can help you to get healthy and stay healthy, for life.