If you want to keep your weight gain to a minimum over the holidays, or even to lose weight over the festive period, you’ll be please to know that there are some great festive favorites that are actually great for weight loss.

You may not believe it but some holiday foods are low fat, packed with nutrients and could even help you to maintain weight loss. Here are Angeles Health’s favorite festive super foods:

Turkey. For many, the holidays wouldn’t be right without a turkey. As long as you don’t deep fry it, turkey is low fat and full of goodness. A great source of zinc, vitamin B and potassium, the nutrients in turkey can help to reduce cholesterol levels, protect against heart disease and cancer as well as boosting the immune system, helping to keep those holiday colds at bay. What’s more, the high protein levels mean that turkey will make you feel fuller for longer.

Stick to white meat and leave the skin to save calories.

Cranberry sauce not only tastes great but it’s laden with antioxidants and fiber, helping to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Watch out for sugar laden cranberry sauces and opt for low-sugar or homemade sauces.

Sweet Potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables around. By roasting sweet potatoes with little or no fat, you get a great flavor and keep all of the goodness in, like the high levels of fiber, potassium, vitamin A and phytochemicals, which help to fight arthritis, cancer and aging.

Roast your sweet potatoes without fat to save precious calories.

Wine. Most of us are guilty of overindulging a little over the holidays. At 100 calories for a 5 ounce serving, many of us forget the calorie count in alcohol. However, wine does have some heart healthy benefits, especially red wine, which provides high levels of antioxidants for their calories. The dryer the wine, the greater the levels of antioxidants, so steer clear of the sweet stuff.

Keep your alcohol intake down and your calories to a minimum by drinking spritzers; half wine, half seltzer water.

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