It is that time of year where we all expect to over indulge a little, or maybe a lot! As you stock up your cupboards with chips, cookie, cheese and wine, take a minute to think about all the healthy things you can enjoy this festive season. The average Christmas dinner is thought to clock up around 4,000 calories, but hidden in that meal are some super healthy superfoods.
Here are our favourite superfoods to keep you healthy and happy this Christmas.

You may have had lots of cranberry for Thanksgiving but don’t be afraid to put it back on the table for Christmas, especially once you know just how good they can be. Cranberry jelly, sauce and juice are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, helping to fight a range of diseases including cancer. Cranberries boost your immune system, keeping those winter colds away and can help prevent urinary tract infections. With the second highest levels of antioxidants and vitamins cranberries are a must have this festive season.
Why not sprinkle dried cranberries over your cereal, or make your own mulled cranberry juice to make sure you pack in the cranberries this December.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Or maybe the odd pack of roasted or pureed chestnuts to spice up your Christmas lunch. Although they are officially a nut, chestnuts aren’t as high in calories and fat as other nuts and very few people have an allergy to chestnuts, although you should still check with your Christmas guests before adding it to your stuffing!

High in vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals and vitamins, chestnuts are also high in fiber, aiding your digestive system, boosting your immune system and keeping your bones and teeth healthy.

Great pureed in soups, chopped in salads and brussel sprouts or roasted and eaten as a snack, chestnuts are a great, healthy addition to your diet all year round.

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts can get bad press; let’s be honest, you either love them or hate them. But maybe you’ll love them a bit more when you learn that they are high in vitamins A, C and E, which will help to keep you looking young and feeling great. And there’s more. Brussel Sprouts contain the cancer nutrient glucosinolate and a special kind of fiber that soaks up the excess bad cholesterol in your system.

If you’re not too keen on sprouts, don’t over boil them, try roasting them in olive oil or gently boiling them and tossing them with chopped roast chestnuts and a little butter for a super healthy Christmas side!

In December it is easy to indulge too much. Try to focus on moderation; a little of anything can’t hurt you but a lot really can! Try balancing every meal and treat with something super healthy, and a little exercise.

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