Your Complete Guide to LAP-BAND Surgery.

This website contains the key pieces of information that anyone considering LAP-BAND surgery will want to check out, including:

  • Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s TED talk on what every child needs to know — a continuation of his one-man crusade to combat adolescent obesity
  • A study of LAP-BAND effects on weight loss among obese teens
  • Patient Stories: an NFL Lineman and an NFL coach choose LAP-BAND, both citing the procedure as job-saver
  • Watch a video from a US doctor and US nurse on why they chose Hospital Angeles, a five star private hospital just south of San Diego, for their LAP-BAND procedure
  • Cooking after LAP-BAND

Find out how the FDA has recently lowered restrictions on BMI requirements for LAP-BAND, and how this is likely to impact the incidence of diabesity, an obesity-related condition expected to increase dramatically as the population continues to age and gain weight:

Many doctors believe that obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are waiting in the wings to become the greatest public health problems of the next decade(s). 21 million people in the US have Type 2 Diabetes – that represents 3x growth in just the past 30 years.

Some great resources are listed for speaking with both patients and medical professionals, including LAP-BAND radio program and a live medical webcast, both held several times a month – registration is free and earns you a medical credit for participating weight loss surgery programs.