After a lifetime of Mexico vacations, many aging baby boomers are looking south of the border for a permanent change of address, and the cost of health care is a major reason why. But Mexico medical travel makes the quality and affordability of private Mexico health care available to Boomers anywhere in the US, or the world.The entire Boomer generation never was willing to accept the status quo. Whether it was a revolution against the government, protection of the environment, or a re-invention of the definition of music, Boomers have always been ahead of the curve. And now they continue the tradition of being ahead of the times: facing tough economic straits and an inefficient domestic health care system, aging Boomers are taking advantage of Mexico medical travel in record numbers.

For spinal fusion, dental implants, and everything in between, the Boomers are flocking to the highly advanced hospitals and doctors available just to the south in Mexico. The treatment they receive there is comparable to – or better than – what they’d get at home, but the cost is much lower. Travel between the two countries is easy, taking no longer than many domestic flights. With such great care within reach, why would the Boomers choose to pay more?

Why Mexico Medical Travel is the Smart Choice

Even politicians realize that America’s health care system is broken. We are overcharged by insurance companies, who then force doctors to overcharge, turning the entire system into a corporation dominated entity that is anything but health-centered. The Boomers saw this kind of behavior years ago and they refused to accept it then; now, they have the same attitude. Instead of paying more despite receiving less and less from social security, they are heading south of the border.

Mexico medical travel allows the Boomers to get the best value. In Mexico, the Boomers are able to choose the price that they want to pay because the doctors are allowed to set their own prices, rather than being heavily regulated by insurance. In addition, cost of living and in many cases the cost of purchasing necessary equipment is lower, which means lower costs to the patient.

Doctors in Mexico are also able to give more attention to each individual patient. They are generally less consumed with the daily operation of their businesses because they can be less concerned about meeting a monthly quota or a particular large monthly business figure. Because of these factors, Mexico medical travel doesn’t just get Boomers a lower price: it also can get them a better overall experience and better care.

High Tech Spinal Fusion

In the past, some Boomers hesitated to choose Mexico medical travel because it lacked cutting edge procedures. But now Mexico has become a driving force in the development and expansion of medical technology, producing genuine advancements in its own right. Mexico medical travel also offers access to the full range of modern procedures such as spinal fusion. In spinal fusion, herniated or damaged vertebrae are fused together, limiting their individual range of motion without impacting the overall range of motion of the patient’s back.

Spinal fusion is one of the most cutting edge spinal surgery techniques, yet there are many doctors in Mexico who have mastered it. Through Mexico medical travel, patients can connect with these doctors and get the care that they need from men and women who are leaders in their fields.

Overnight Hospitalization

For some Boomers, the idea of having an operation like spinal fusion, which can be an involved procedure that requires days of recuperation, is foreign even without adding in a hospital outside the country. But in reality recuperation after Mexico medical travel is virtually identical to recuperation at home; you’re simply in a different hospital, and you take a plane to reach home rather than a car. Spinal fusion specialists and other surgeons have perfected ways to get men and women home in minimal time after surgery while ensuring that they will be safely protected during travel so soon after a major procedure.

Beyond the Extraordinary: Dental Implants

For every Boomer who chooses Mexico medical travel for the spinal fusion, there is another who is looking for a much more standard operation such as dental implants. Mexico offers the full range of procedures, all at prices around 30% lower than those found in the U.S. Some forward thinking Boomers have begun to maintain full-time dentists south of the border, visiting when they are due for a checkup and simply having all work done outside the U.S. The money that they spend on airfare is easily made up by the difference in cost between an American dentist and a Mexican D.D.S.

And even for dental surgery, Mexico medical tourism can still provide. Dental implants require special knowledge and top notch craftsmanship, yet many of Mexico’s dentists have trained alongside the men and women who practice within the United States. They can create and insert dental implants with just as much skill as anyone stateside, at prices usually 50-65% lower and always with US manufactured materials and lab work.

Putting it Together

The Boomers have always been ahead of the curve, and now more than ever they are flocking to Mexico for medical treatment. Mexico medical travel helps Boomers save money, which is key to financial stability in an unsteady economy. Getting the same quality care (if not better) while paying less? As usual, the Boomers are ahead of the curve.