Medical Procedures Most Suited for Medical Travel With any medical procedure, there are certain to be unique concerns that don’t transfer to another different process. Dental implants, for instance, require very different aftercare from spinal surgery, which in turn requires different aftercare from a PRESBYLASIK operation. Yet despite these differences, doctors have found many ways to minimize aftercare requirements and risks on all of them, making every procedure available through the Angeles Health International network an excellent choice for a medical traveler. With conscientious care and good planning, almost anyone can travel to Mexico for spinal fusion alternative surgery or any other procedure and return home with good results. However, some procedures naturally lend themselves to speedy surgery and fast, easy recovery, sending patients on their way home faster. This article will cover three of the leading medical travel surgeries: PRESBYLASIK, dental implants, and spinal fusion alternative procedures.


An adaptation of the revolutionary laser vision correction system LASIK, PRESBYLASIK is specially designed to counteract the vision changes that often occur in older eyes. Although the exact origin of presbyopia is uncertain, most optometrists believe that it is caused by a lack of flexibility in the lens, and the degeneration of the surrounding tissues over time. As these tissues are required to move and shift in order to properly process objects, a loss of elasticity translates to increased difficulty seeing clearly. PRESBYLASIK provides a great alternative to glasses for men and women suffering from presbyopia. PRESBYLASIK can involve a number of different specific procedural goals, but all of them eventually lead the presbyopia sufferer to have normal vision unaided by glasses or contacts. PRESBYLASIK surgery is highly recommended for men and women over 40 who are suffering from the effects of presbyopia.


There are many compelling reasons to get PRESBYLASIK abroad. The first is, as with all treatments, the lower cost. When you go to Mexico for your PRESBYLASIK surgery, you can expect to save 30% off the cost of it stateside. You’ll be getting the same quality doctors and the same excellent equipment, but you won’t pay for the high insurance and other costs imposed upon the U.S. doctors who perform the surgery. Instead, you’ll get patient focused care in an environment that really allows you to recover stress-free. In addition to the cash incentive, has skyrocketed along with the cost of most other types of medical care. Yet for many men and women, dental implants can mean the difference between good teeth and a hopeless bite that hardly allows them to chew. That’s where Angeles Health International can help, bringing patients to Mexico where they will receive excellent treatment at a mere fraction of the cost. Like with PRESBYLASIK, the initial draw is usually the lower fees. Our dentists here at Hospital Angeles use the same technology and technique as their highest quality American counterparts, and many of them have even attended the same schools. But south of the border, different economic factors are at play, creating a lower overall cost and pricing structure for dental travelers.. Also like PRESBYLASIK, dental implants naturally lend themselves to surgery abroad. The implantation process takes place over a period of days, with recovery/healing time of several months in between visits. The second trip is typically only an overnight stay, and the common lack of complications, a dental implants patient is in and out of Mexico quickly.

PresbyLasik Surgery is tremendously suited to medical travel. The procedure itself only takes 15 minutes, and recovery is typically short and easy. The details will depend on the individual patient, but the typical PRESBYLASIK patient requires only a short hospital stay and is able to head home soon after the procedure.

Spinal Fusion Alternative – Lumbar Dynamic Stabilization

Although this technology is not yet FDA approved, this noninvasive procedure remains one of the most suited to travel. Most importantly, Angeles Hospital offers some of the world’s leading doctors in the spinal fusion alternative procedure, making it the best choice simply because of skill and experience. Like any surgery around the spine, spinal fusion alternative procedures require a high level of technology as well as the ability to operate that technology, and the spinal fusion alternative surgeons available though AHI are among the best in the world. Apart from that, there is the tremendous financial incentive. Spinal fusion surgery can be very expensive when found domestically, and may or may not be covered by insurance. For men and women who are enduring serious back pain, spinal fusion alternative of lumbar dynamic stabilization surgery abroad – a surgery the director of Hospital Angeles Tijuana recently had himself –  is a very appealing option.