In Retire to Mexico for More than Excellent Health Care we took a look at reasons 10-5 of the top ten reasons to retire in Mexico. These included, excellent climate, glorious beaches and reduced cost of living. Here we have Angeles Health’s top 5 reasons to retire to Mexico.

5. Keeping Active

The way of life, the warmer, drier climate will make you feel younger and healthier than ever. In Mexico you will have the time, and climate, to nurture hobbies, reignite passion and spend time doing the things you never had time to do when you were working back home. Playing golf or tennis, swimming, fishing or strolling along the beach, there is something for everyone in Mexico.

4. Activities

The Caribbean coast is home to the second largest barrier coral reef in the world, offering diving, kayaking, snorkeling and swimming for water lovers. For those who don’t feel so active, there is socializing, dining, visiting world class art galleries or learning a new language.

3. Safety

Contrary to some media representation, Mexico is a great choice when it comes to safety and peace of mind. Publicized conflicts tend to happen in specific localized areas and, literally, give the rest of Mexico bad press. The fact is that in most parts of Mexico, crime rates are much lower than in America. In many towns citizens can walk the streets in total security and sleep soundly at night free from worries about safety.

2. Mexican Healthcare

Near the top of our list we have to have the peace of mind that comes with low cost instant access to outstanding healthcare facilities. More accessible, lower cost and high quality, a reputable Mexican healthcare provider will alleviate a host of health concerns associated with the aging process.
From joint replacements, to heart surgery, dental health care to stem cell treatment and alternative cancer treatment, Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest chain of private hospitals, serving medical tourists, retirees and Mexican nationals alike with the highest level of healthcare, in world class hospitals with state of the art equipment.

It is estimated that healthcare in Mexico costs an average of 50-70% less than in Canada or the States, that insurance is at least a third less, with full family health care coverage for a family of four costing less than $1,500 a year.

In addition to much lower health care costs, there are no waiting lists in Mexico and the healthier lifestyle and climate mean that retirees will stay healthier, for longer. Combined, these factors mean that if you retire to Mexico you will be more likely to spend your retirement in good health and luxurious health care facilities, and less likely to spend your retirement in ill health on a waiting list.

1. Climate and Beaches

There can only be one top reason to go to Mexico. Or rather, 3; sun, sea and sand. Where better to retire than in a warm climate, with the sound of the sea and the sight of clear blue skies ahead, the stress free life that comes from not having financial worries, of being healthy and safe with access to world class health care if you need it?
Mexican weather varies from region to region so retirees can choose their climate, opting for slightly warmer or slightly cooler locations. One thing is certain; the weather is warm all year around, even in the rainy season.

Access to the beautiful Mexican scenery, beaches and culture; endless beaches, turquoise sea and a temperate climate allows expatriates to enjoy their retirement in the hypnotic, healing beach environment.
If you come to Mexico for your retirement, or even just as a medical tourist, you can rest assured that the healing environment and excellent standards of health care will leave you happier and healthier than ever, without costing you the earth.

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