With more and more Americans running to the sun in their retirement it’s no wonder so many are choosing to come to Mexico. From glorious beaches to medical tourism; take a look at reasons 10-5 in our top ten reasons for retiring to Mexico:

10. Proximity to Home

For many retirees or prospective retirees, retirement abroad is a difficult decision. Working hard all their lives, raising children and grandchildren, most of us look forward to retirement and fantasize about permanent summer days, outdoor living and relaxation. However, the thought of leaving the kids, grandkids and friends can be daunting, or even impossible.
Retirement in Mexico offers retirees the climate and lifestyle they dreamt of whilst remaining just a short, relatively inexpensive flight or drive from their loved ones. (On average flights cost $400 return from Canada or America depending on location and time of year). The easy travel options and proximity to home allow retirees to enjoy their new life whilst maintaining regular contact with their family and friends at home.

9. Affordable Property

One of the great things about retiring in Mexico is that your money goes a lot further. As soon as you move to Mexico you will see huge savings in real estate. With the choice of fully serviced property in well-established areas or making an investment and selecting a cheaper property in an up and coming area, you have can buy low cost property to suit your needs and preferences, all at a much lower price than you would find in America or Canada.
The low cost of property means that you will be able to afford space for all of those family and friends who are keen to visit!

8. Cost of Living

On top of the dramatically lower real estate prices, low cost of living in Mexico compared to Canada or America allows retirees to live in relative luxury for a fraction of the cost. In comparison with other beach side tropical paradises, such as Florida or Hawaii, Mexico comes out on top.
With just about everything in Mexico cheaper than the US or Canada, including labor costs, retirees can hire help around the house or garden at competitive local rates without breaking the bank.

7. The People

We’re not sure if Mexico makes the Mexicans so friendly, or if Mexicans make Mexico such a great place to live. What we do know is that Mexicans rarely stop smiling. They welcome foreigners with their usual warmth, embracing new neighbors and introducing expatriates to their relaxed lifestyle.
Particularly in the retirement hot spots, there is a great community feel in Mexican towns, blending cultures for a unique feel of warmth and security. Expatriate communities also allow retirees to meet likeminded people, forming the basis for a great social life.

6. Lifestyle

Americans and Canadians need to be prepared for a dramatic change of pace when they retire to Mexico. The pace of life is infinitely slower, more relaxed, with lots of walking, talking and socializing.
In Mexico the heat prevents people from rushing around, moments are appreciated, the elderly respected and children cherished. Retirement in Mexico will give you the opportunity to really enjoy life, to relax and feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face.
For more information about reasons to retire to Mexico, read The Top 5 Reasons to retire to Mexico. To find out about the comprehensive range of healthcare services that Angeles Health provides to Mexican nationals, expatriates and medical tourists alike, Contact us.