Mexico hospitals and Mexico medical travel are increasingly in the news, because the news is out: state-of-the-art medical facilities and top notch, US-trained medical care is available just a domestic flight away. Maybe you’ve heard about it from your aunt, who goes south of the border for access to top hip replacement surgeons. Or maybe it’s your friend, who seeks out his or her dental care at a dental clinic inside a state-of-the-art private Mexico hospital.  Or maybe someone from work had LAP-BAND weight loss surgery with a famous Mexican surgeon. Whatever your connection, the word about Mexico medical travel is spreading. In fact, the savings have become so clear that many Americans are choosing to forego traditional healthcare insurance coverage in favor of self-pay healthcare through on Mexico medical travel and the savings Mexico hospitals provide.

How can the savings be good enough to justify completely abandoning traditional healthcare insurance?  Many Americans are finding such a benefit from the high quality, less expensive care available through Mexico medical travel. They also obtain the benefits of Mexico hospitals, which offer state-of-the-art, quality care at a fraction of the price of U.S. care.  From hip replacement surgeons to gastroenterologists, cosmetic surgeons, dentistry, obstetrics and more, the medical offerings are compelling.

Affordable Quality Care South Of The Border

Many Americans assume that because the cost and accessibility of healthcare and insurance is incredibly expensive in the United States, it is also incredibly expensive around the world. However, American healthcare is uniquely costly; in top notch private Mexico hospitals, the same procedures are performed by equally qualified and credentialed doctors and gastroenterologist, spinal and orthopedic hip replacement surgeons, but at less than half the price that would be assessed stateside.

The dramatically lower cost of Mexico medical travel vs. typical US healthcare system costs  is a result of cultural economic factors. Such things as lower cost of living, lower wage and construction costs  mean hospitals – even state-of-the-art private medical facilities like Hospital Angeles  – can offer sophisticated procedures and attract top medical talent including hip replacement surgeons trained in the U.S. and India all at prices that are usually at least half those found for comparable top institutions and surgical expertise in the U.S.

Many medical travelers report that the quality of care of hospitals in Mexico is the same or better than what they find in the United States.  Some attribute this to the fact that Mexico healthcare is not a third party-managed system, and hospitals and surgeons are able to focus more on the  than on meeting insurance guidelines for allowable/covered treatment, length of hospital stay, claims handling etc.

The medical talent pool of Angeles Health International’s network of hospitals includes surgeons who have been trained at top Medical schools and research hospital programs, including Stanford, USC, UCLA, Long Island Jewish, Scripps, Johns Hopkins and many others.  Patients who opt to have hip replacement surgery at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana have the best care available anywhere with Dr. Dario Garin, our chief orthopedic surgeon.  Dr. Garin spent much of his residency at hospitals in the U.S. and is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and it’s counterparts in Mexico With such a high quality of care available in Mexico, many patients wonder why there is such a dramatic difference from the U.S. costs of medical care.

A Dollar Goes Further in Mexico

In America, equipment, facilities, and supplies all cost more than Mexico hospitals. It is a simple fact that many things are less expensive in Mexico, which means that less money is necessary to keep the Mexico hospitals equipped with the latest innovative medical technologies. The comparative savings the Mexican medical system enjoys vis a vis the U.S. system are passed along to the benefit of American patients through the burgeoning practice of Mexico medical travel makes it possible for American patients to realize great savings on medical procedures such as hip replacement, performed in a state-of-the-art hospital by a hip replacement surgeon and orthopedic team.

Insurance Companies Drive Up Domestic American Medical Costs

Savings from Mexico medical travel can be explained by the absence of insurance influence control over Mexico hospitals. In the United States, insurance companies have a lot of market control because they control so many patients. Almost all insurance companies regulate who their policy holders can see, and what hospitals they can visit. If a patient chooses an out-of-network facility, the rate of financial coverage typically declines sharply. Because of this ability to functionally prevent hundreds of thousands of potential patients from seeing a particular doctor, the insurance companies can essentially command doctors and hip replacement surgeons to adhere to a certain pricing scheme, or other conditions that they demand. If the doctor doesn’t agree to their terms, the insurance company will simply remove them from their list of preferred practitioners, and the doctor will lose a lot of business.

Economical Mexico Medical Travel

The savings that Mexico hospitals represent  simply by virtue of being in Mexico, produce incredible savings for patients taking advantage of Mexico medical travel. Perhaps ironically, many US insurance companies find themselves working with Mexico hospitals, extending medical travel coverage to their policy holders in order to take advantage of the lower prices.

Patients need to do their research in order to make an educated decision and get access to the hip replacement surgeons, general practitioners, doctors, and specialists that are best for them.  We’re confident that research will reveal that Angeles Heath International’s state-of-the-art network of hospitals across Mexico is the best choice for quality healthcare in Mexico.