Everyone is talking about medical tourism, from medical staff in Illinois to UK lawyers. Medical tourism is seeing rapid growth.

An Illinois reader wrote to their newspaper about the headline “health care is poised to become top city employer. Dr. Chansoo Kim welcomed the prediction in his letter and applauds local medical staff for their dedication and hard work.

Dr. Kim says the world is playing catch up to the US in terms of pricing and standards of medical care. More patients are going abroad for speedy, great value for money treatments. The doctor says thousands of Canadians leave their country for medical care every year.

Mexico is a great destination for medical tourists who are looking for cosmetic surgery, orthopedic treatment, dental surgery and fertility treatment amongst many others. The cost of medical treatment is cheaper and Americans and Canadians will have a fairly short journey compared to travelling to other medical tourism countries. The standards of treatment, levels of patient care and scale of medical facilities are very high and at times even higher than in the US and Canada.

In the UK the government is running a study on medical tourism. Both inward and outward medical tourism is being researched for the impact it has on the NHS (National Health Service). The University of York is leading the study and Michelmores lawyers are providing advisory services. Michelmores partner Lawrence Vick comments: “This is an important study into a fast growing and little understood sector. We need to weigh the benefits of medical tourism for both patients and providers against patient safety while establishing liability if things go wrong and this includes the role of intermediaries.”

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