As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month our Spices of the Month are breast cancer fighting ones. We know that diet and lifestyle can lower the risk of developing a range of cancers, including breast cancer. By looking at the cancer incidence in other countries we are able to get an idea of dietary elements that help prevent cancer. For example, Eskimos, who have diets high in omega-3-rich oily fish, have no breast cancer incidence at all. Similarly, countries where large amount of spices are included in the diet have much lower breast cancer rates than America and other Westernized countries.

We all produce potentially cancerous cells every day. Without us being aware, our bodies are able to control the reproduction of these cells and destroy them before they become a problem. Some elements of our diet help apoptosis (cell death) in unhealthy cells and inhibit blood and nutrient supply to unhealthy cells.

Here are our breast cancer preventing herbs and spices of the month:

1/ Turmeric. Turmeric is derived from the plant Curcuma Longa and is used in many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. The turmeric derivative, curcumin, is known to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antibacterial powers, boosting the immune system, regulating hormone production and cell death, and fighting infection. On top of all of these properties, it is also known to help fight and protect against cancer.

In studies on the effects of turmeric on breast cancer, curcumin is shown to stimulate the death of cancer cells, stop DNA from altering in cancer cells and disrupt the blood supply to tumors by inhibiting angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors.

2/ Parsley. Often dismissed as a garnish, parsley, or apium petroselinum, of the apium family, contains apigenin, a disease fighting flavone and the flavonol quercetin. Apigenin has been shown to encourage cell death in a range of cancers as well as inhibiting growth in breast cancer cells while quercetin inhibits the estrogen receptor in breast cancer cells, preventing cancerous cells from being stimulated by estrogen levels in the blood. An Italian study of over 2,500 women with breast cancer found that increased intake of flavonols and flavones resulted in lowered risk of breast cancer.

3/ Garlic. Often brought out to prevent colds, garlic is known for its immune-boosting effects. A part of the allium family, along with leeks and onions, when garlic is cooked with other food it adds flavor but also helps control insulin production. This in turn can help to control inflammation and erratic cell production, which can contribute to the development of cancer. Garlic is also high in quercetin, helping to aid cancer cell death and preventing cancer cell formation.

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