For a lot of people medical tourism is seen as an overpriced vacation for a breast augmentation or form of weight loss surgery. In actuality, medical tourism is becoming more common due to the changing insurance climate around the world, but particularly in the United States. The Medical Tourism Association conducts a survey every year to collect data about the medical tourism industry. From the 2013 medical tourism survey, here were the top 7 findings from the results.

1. Cosmetic surgery leads all other treatments, representing 38% of demand.
2. About 92% of total spending on medical travel per patient is less than $30,000.
3. Medical tourists spend between $7,475 and $15,833 per medical travel trip.
4. For 6 million patients, medical travel may contribute $45 – $95 billion to global GDP.
5. Latin America and Asia are the two leading regions for medical travel.
6. Mexico and India respectively have the highest demand for medical tourism.
7. Almost 76% of patients with a future interest in medical travel are American.

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