Please read Medical Tourism Market Grows (Part 1) for the beginning of this story.

Keith Pollard, who runs the website Treatment Abroad, warned that Dubai’s chances of medical tourism success could be limited, due to a problem that is common to other small countries that want to become medical tourism destinations.

“Lots of Arab patients travel to Germany or the UK. Why? Because Germany has an 80 million population, doctors can practice, do research and get grants,” he noted.

Christian Ott-Sessay from the German hospital group Vivantes acknowledges that competition for medical tourists is stiff.

“But the market is so big that it’s not competition at the expense of each other,” he commented.

Front view of three medical personnel

Vivantes is adding “comfort rooms” to some Berlin hospitals so foreign patients can be cared for by hotel staff that take care of their non-medical needs.

Berlin has also created a hotline for medical tourists and in particular their families to allow them to quickly organize non-medical tourism activities like a shopping trips or sightseeing.

Athens-based private hospital center Hygeia Group looks on tourism as a selling point.

“Many people will come from Asia because they also want to see the Acropolis,” said George Soras, who works for Hygeia’s marketing service.

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