A new study has shown that married people are less likely to suffer from a heart attack than single people, and are more likely to recover if they do experience one.

Conducted in Finland, the study looked at information about 15.330 aged between 35 and 99 who suffered an “acute coronary event’ (heart attack) between 1993 and 2002.

Over half of the people who suffered from heart attack died within 28 days (4 weeks) of the event. The study showed that unmarried men of all ages were 58-66% more likely to suffer from a heart and single women 60-65% more likely than their married counterparts.

For both genders, survival rates were higher for married people who suffered an acute coronary event, with married men and women roughly twice as likely to survive a heart attack as single ones.

Why Does Marriage Make a Difference?

There is lots of speculation as to why being single makes such a big difference to heart attck risks and mortality risks. These include:

Lifestyle. Cohabiting couples tend to have a higher joint income, healthier lifestyle overall and larger support network of family and friends.

Speed of resuscitation. It is likely that cohabiting couples receive attention following a heart attack more quickly than single ones.

Depression. Single people tend to have higher rates of depression which can have adverse effects on heart health.

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