Patients who experience pain in their hips often think that their only option is to have a full hip replacement surgery. However, other options are available. Hip resurfacing surgery is a new alternative treatment that has demonstrated some impressive results.

This treatment for hip pain is less invasive than hip replacement surgery, allowing patients to remain more mobile during recovery and to see full results faster. here are some important factors patients must be aware of before they decide whether hip replacement or hip resurfacing is  right for them. Fortunately, medical travel to Mexico and the Angeles Health International hospital network offers excellent doctors that are capable of performing both procedures. As with other surgeries and treatments, a hip replacement or hip resurfacing surgery, while on medical travel to Mexico, usually costs as little as one-third of the domestic price. Whichever surgery the patient ultimately chooses, medical travel to Mexico is an excellent

Medical Travel to Mexico: Diagnose Your Hip Problems

As many patients are aware, hip replacement surgery has long been the standard procedure for chronic hip pain, arthritis, and many other degenerative joint conditions. The procedure itself is a fairly simple one, but in order to comprehend the process, the patient must first understand the structure of the joint. The hip joint consists of a ball and socket, meaning that the pelvis has a “socket”, or an indentation, designed to hold the “ball” at the upper most end of the leg bone. Ideally, the ball is free to rotate in the socket, giving a hip joint tremendous flexibility. When free from chronic illnesses or injury, a ball and socket joint is the most mobile type of juncture in the human body.

There are many different conditions which can change that joint from marvellously mobile into a crippling source of unendurable pain that often drives patients to consider hip replacement surgery. Some of the most common causes of hip pain include arthritis, injury, and general wear and tear on the hip as a result of daily life. Whatever the cause, the hip joint will become compromised in some way. It may be that the bones have lost their cartilage and smoothness which ensured the smooth movement of the ball within the socket. If the bone is not smooth, then the joint will grind together and the nerves will register pain. Additionally, it may be that the area around the joint is compromised by chronic swelling or a lack of sufficient joint fluid. Whatever the cause of the patient’s hip pain, medical travel to Mexico will provide access to doctors who can diagnose the precise condition and then provide treatment.

Understanding Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery involves the complete replacement of the damaged elements of the hip with new, synthetic material. The entire end of the bone is removed, and a synthetic ball and socket are installed. Medical travel to Mexico is an ideal setting for this procedure; the doctors tend to have excellent experience with this surgery, as well as ready access to the most modern equipment for use during the surgery itself. Skill is very important, as the prosthetic cap and socket replacing the original bone must be fitted exactly. If the fit is not tight enough, or alternatively is too tight, then complications become much more likely. Patients should choose the location of their medical travel to Mexico with care to ensure they receive the best possible service.

What Is Hip Resurfacing Surgery?

In contrast to hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing surgery is a much less invasive procedure. There is still a portion of the bone that must be removed, but hip resurfacing surgery involves sanding the bone down to remove roughness, not actually removing large parts of the bone. That is one of the excellent features of this new practice; much more of the bone can be left intact, allowing the patient to recover more quickly. This also allows the patient to return for more medical travel to Mexico and further hip care procedures if required later. For many patients, additional procedures may be required, whether for another hip resurfacing surgery or a full hip replacement surgery. Hip resurfacing surgery may simply provide a better surface for a doctor working on the same area during future medical travel to Mexico. The most significant advantage of hip resurfacing surgery is that it allows a patient to return to full activity within a shorter period of time as compared to full hip replacement surgery. However, because hip resurfacing surgery doesn’t remove the full top of the damaged bone, it has been proven as a more effective option for younger patients. These more youthful individuals are also better candidates for hip resurfacing surgery because they are more likely to need the extra bone that is preserved. If additional procedures are required in the future, they are more likely to choose medical travel to Mexico again for supplemental surgeries.