Forget tooth brushing, flossing, mouthwash and anything else. Without a doubt the most important aspect of your teeth and gum health is your diet and nutrition.

As we have become more “civilized’ eating is no longer just a necessity, with nutrition and wisdom passed down carefully from primitive generation to primitive generation. Now, for most Westernized cultures, food is an industry. Whereas previously food was calculated, produced and consumed for maximum efficiency in growth and the nutrients that it supplied; now food is produced en-mass with the single aim of achieving the highest possible profits for the manufacturers.

The result? Loads of food but, compared to our uncivilized ancestors, poor nutrition. Anthropologists have found that native societies unaffected by our civilized ways have much better tooth and gum health, despite the lack of oral hygiene products. Westernized diets make us 35 time more likely to experience dental caries and gum disease than our primitive ancestors or uninfluenced native societies.

Foods that have been tried, tested and consumed for hundreds of generations have been cast aside for cheap imitations that offer convenience, low cost and mass production. What Americans are slowly learning the hard way is that poor nutrition isn’t cheap. With Implant Anchored Dentures costing around $25,000 dollars in the States, there is a very high price to pay for cheap foods and poor nutrition.

Ways to Improve Your Dental Health Through Nutrition

1. Try not to eat sugary food too often, particularly chewy food. This includes sweets and dried fruit, which are easy to snack on but, if you graze all day, will ensure that your teeth are constantly in direct contact with tooth-decaying sugars. If you do have sweets or dried fruit, eat them in one go rather than making them last.

2. Avoid sweet, or acidic or sugary drinks, especially in between meals. At meal times your saliva production rises to protect your teeth from the acid in food. Drinking sugary drinks between meals, your teeth will have little or no protection from the attack of the sugars! If you do have sugary drinks, try to drink them through a straw.
3. Finish a meal off with milk or cheese, which are alkaline and will help to neutralize any acid remaining in your mouth from your meal.
4. Try to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating acidic or sugary food. Brushing straight away rubs the acid into your teeth, causing more damage than good!

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