In this chart you can see the total health expenditure in different regions of the world, which is the sum of public and private health spending. It covers health service provisions (both preventive and curative), family planning, nutrition work, and emergency aid for health but excludes water and sanitation services. It is clear to see that North America is spending the most on healthcare with Europe surprisingly Low on the scale. As a percentage of GDP (Gross National Product), the spending reflects how much of North America’s wealth is spent on healthcare. Medical insurance and additional hospital fees are a source of great stress for many in the US and some Canadians are fed up with wait times at local hospitals. Are you happy with your healthcare provisions and costs? If not medical tourism could be a viable option.

Our hospital in Tijuana, Mexico has been built especially to cater to clients from the United States and Canada. The hospital is located about 25 minutes from the San Diego, California airport and is within driving distance for a large part of the western United States. Currently, more than 50% of our patients are Medical Tourism-related as they take advantage of new treatments, excellent care and reduced medical costs.

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