There is lots of talk about how we sleep, and how modern day life means that many of us aren’t getting the sleep that we need for our minds and bodies to recover from the day’s activities. Our sleep can be affected by many things; the stress of daily life, irregular routines and diet to name but a few. It is known that poor sleep habits can lead to weight gain as the result of irregular eating and sleeping patterns, but did you know that what you eat could affect how well you sleep?

Having the right levels of vitamins and minerals are essential to cell health and regeneration. Here are Angeles Health’s top diet tips to get a good night’s sleep:

1. Potassium. Potassium promotes healthy circulation and digestion and helps your muscles and nerves to relax. According to research, high potassium levels are linked to deep sleep (or slow-wave sleep), which is an important part of your sleep cycle. You can find potassium in bananas, citrus fruits (especially orange juice), beans and pulses, salmon and cod, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables.

2. Calcium. Calcium is key in creating melatonin, the hormone that helps us to maintain our sleep cycle, as well as acting as a natural relaxant itself. As well as dairy produce you can find calcium in nuts and seeds, soy products such as milk and tofu and dark leafy vegetables.

3. Magnesium. Like potassium, magnesium promotes healthy circulation and acts as a relaxant. Deficiencies in magnesium can cause insomnia and restless leg syndrome, making it hard to sleep. You can find magnesium in bananas, avocados and cherries, leafy green vegetables, beans, brown rice, bran, and nuts and seeds.

4. Melatonin. There are only a few naturally occurring sources of melatonin and although supplements are available our bodies process the real stuff much more easily. If you suffer from insomnia it is likely that your melatonin production isn’t what it should be. Cherries, fresh, dried or in juice form, are a great source of melatonin and has been shown to reduce insomnia when taken twice a day for two weeks or more.

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