With Angeles Health being Mexico’s largest private hospital network, Paulo Yberri, our CEO, has always taken seriously our leadership role in health care innovation. When Angeles Health first began treating international patients, like many other hospitals we worked with various medical travel facilitation agencies. Our medical travel patient flow increased quickly, and so did our challenges. We had the opportunity to watch many of medical travel agencies and how they delivered marketing, case management, and everyday business operations.

Whilst the healthy increase in our international patient business was financially rewarding we could see that it would not be sustainable to keep on paying facilitators commission for patients coming to our hospital. It would clearly be a better idea to transform this expense into an investment that could go towards us realizing not just longer term growth but also the creation of a brand identity and presence in the international healthcare market.

It was clear that the medical travel facilitation business was getting more crowded, and patients are increasingly quick to take full advantage of the improved resources out there for medical travel. A new kind of patient is emerging, one that is highly informed and has great expectations of facilitators. And facilitators, realizing the field is more and more competitive, have started expanding their provider networks. Today, providers like Angeles Health providing for medical travelers find ourselves competing in a truly international marketplace.

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