This week is World Breastfeeding Week. Some people think that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. Others feel that it is the most unnatural! However you feel about breastfeeding, there is no doubt that, in most cases, breastfeeding is the safest and healthiest option for mother and baby.

Here are just a few reasons to breastfeed your baby:

1. Nutrition. Breast milk is made by the mother for her baby, to meet his or her nutritional needs. It contains just the right amount of nutrients; fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. To help your baby grow.

2. Reduce allergies and illness. Breast milk is packed full with antibodies that will help to prevent your baby from developing allergies, as well as protecting him or her from infections. A breastfeeding mother passes her immunity to her baby, preventing him from catching a range of contagious infections. Breastfed babies are less like to get flu, diarrhea, eczema and asthma.

3. Reduce cancer risks. Breastfeeding doesn’t just benefit the baby; moms benefit too. Breastfeeding can reduce risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

4. Healthy bones for Mom. By breastfeeding their babies, women can help prevent osteoporosis later in life.

5. Smarter kids. Studies show that breastfed babies have higher IQ levels by the time they are 8 years old. Even allowing for parents’ ages and backgrounds, it looks like breast milk feeds the baby’s body and brain.

6. Get back in physical and mental shape after the birth. Breastfeeding burns off a whopping 500 calories a day, so helps mom to get back into shape after her baby is born. Breastfeeding is a natural hormonal response after birth. As a result, it helps your body to ping back into shape more quickly. What’s more, studies show breastfeeding mothers are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than those who don’t breastfeed.

7. Reduce the need for braces. The way a baby breastfeeds helps to form their dental arches correctly, as opposed to bottle feeding. Breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from malocclusion (uneven teeth).

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