According to an IPK International survey, around 3% of the world’s population is medical tourists, travelling to foreign countries in order to get medical treatment. The world of medical tourism is growing as more and more people make the decision to skip long wait lists, save money and receive cutting edge surgery in a different country. The medical tourism industry is worth around $40 billion a year, with Mexico beating the US as the second most popular destination for medical tourists, and Thailand taking the top spot.
It is reported that more than a million medical tourists a year flock to Mexico, from Canada, America and beyond.

So Why Mexico?
The big question is, really “why NOT Mexico? Boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as well as some of its best surgeons, it is not surprising that people come to Mexico, where they can have the treatment they need, or want, when they want it, and recover at their leisure whilst on holiday.

Going much further than saving money, medical tourists within the both English and Spanish speaking communities get the peace of mind that comes with being treated by fluent bilingual Spanish & English speaking doctors.
With proper research and informed decisions, you will be able to find exceptionally high levels of quality in medical provision:
Facilities in big hospital networks are of the highest quality.
The latest medical techniques and interventions are available and approved in Mexico, generally much earlier than they are within the rest of the world.
Wait lists are short with comprehensive aftercare.
Favorable exchange rates make healthcare in Mexico even cheaper.
The exotic location and temperate climate provide the perfect environment to recover from medical procedures.
Patients are given real choice about which surgery they want and need; with a wider choice of weight loss surgery procedures, informed choices about alternative cancer treatment, guided decisions on the most appropriate surgery for a patient, regardless of cost or insurance considerations, patients get the best care for them, when they need it.

Angeles Health
Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest network of private hospitals. With 22 state of the art hospitals, each created specifically to accommodate the very latest in medical technologies and world class doctors, patients get all of the benefits of lower cost medical treatment alongside the highest standards of safety, security and excellent quality of care. Well respected in America and beyond, Angeles Health is recognized for its contribution to medical development. Surgeons at Angeles Health are frequently invited to lecture surgeons in America and beyond, offering their insights and extensive knowledge in their specific area of specialism.
Offering cardiac surgery, weight loss surgery, cosmetic procedures, fertility treatment, bone marrow transplant, stem cell treatment, joint replacement, alternative cancer treatment and much, much more, Angeles Health is the first and best choice for people seeking low cost, safe, high quality medical treatment abroad.

To find out more about Angeles Health or to discuss the best procedure for you, contact us today to speak to a qualified English speaking US-based case worker.