There are good reasons for the continued growth of medical tourism in Mexico. The rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. is one of these.

Another factor in favor of medical tourism to Mexico is government and private groups in Mexico creating initiatives to promote Mexico for medical travel from overseas.

Experts say medical tourism in Mexico’s resort destinations is staying strong. Affordability still a vital factor in determining if Mexico continues to be successful in this field.

Medical tourism operator Robert Page says “Higher insurance deductibles are an incentive to go to Mexico. And, any time you have a savings of 60% or so, that’s enough to attract folks.”

“The key is making people realize that they are going to be taken care of from the moment they step off the plane, he said.

Despite the challenges, Mexico’s medical tourism provides many opportunities for travel agents. Medical tourism facilitators frequently work with travel agents to arrange travel for patients.

Here at Angeles Health we offer our patients full travel coordination services at no additional charge. Your assigned Case Manager will handle all travel arrangements for you and any travel companions, and provide you with a detailed itinerary that tells you exactly what to expect every step of the way on your medical travel trip. Airport pick-up and return is also included to our gated medical complex and many patients opt for a shuttle service directly from their hotel in either Tijuana or San Diego.

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