In the last few years medical tourism in Mexico has grown more organized. Companies that self-insure risk encourage patients to travel for treatment and this means they share any savings with them.

The largest private hospital network in Mexico is Angeles Health International. This network is made up of over 22 hospitals, 1,700 beds and more than 11,000 specialists. Hospitals are located in several parts of Mexico: Pedregal, Tijuana, Lomas, Guadalajara, Juarez and Puebla.

Available treatments include the CCSVI (chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency) procedure for multiple sclerosis, alternative cancer treatment, dental work, weight loss surgery, orthopedic and spinal surgery, stem cell therapy, organ transplants, hair transplants, cosmetic procedures, cardiovascular interventions, LASIK (eye) treatment and fertility treatment.

Medical tourism in Mexico is becoming more and more popular and Angeles hospitals are leaders in their field. Patients come from across the world, including the US, Canada and Europe, are happy with the facilities, health care and great price they receive.

Mr. McGee from Canada cited Dr. Morales and Dr. Luna as being friendly and helpful. He was pleased with how clearly they explained everything about his procedure to him. The patient also said that the hospital staff were very friendly and welcoming and that the facility was spotlessly clean and incredibly well run. The patient and family agreed wholeheartedly that the food provided was great.

Another Canadian patient, Jan, said Angeles Health in Tijuana was “one of the best state of the art facilities’ and remarked that the “staff are very helpful and very supportive.’

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