Things changed for many Americans last month when the Health Reform Act was passed, meaning, amongst other things, that uninsured Americans will now be entitled to Federal and State medical health plans. The plan includes dental treatment, visits to the doctor, annual check-ups and procedures considered to be essential, such as orthopaedic treatment, cancer treatment, cardiovascular work and most transplants. So with many Americans seeking medical health care abroad, and with one of the most attractive reasons for going abroad being lower cost healthcare for many, including uninsured Americans, is the Medical Tourism Industry at risk?

Under the new Act, it is estimated that around 17 million Americans who don’t currently have insurance will be covered for routine and essential health care. This will put added pressure on the already fragile state health system and will have an impact on the level of care, and the waiting times for procedures. In the long term it is possible that Americans, with or without insurance, will have to wait longer for essential treatment.

It is possible that we will see demand on the health system go above its ability to supply, creating shortages in physicians, nurses, and specialists, which could result in a delay in diagnosis and subsequent specialist treatment. As with countries that already provide universal health care, such as the UK and Canada, the stresses put on the system by massive demand may well have the opposite effect on medical tourism, encouraging people to leave their country where they can get “free’ procedures in order to seek speedy, quality and specialist care overseas.

Saving money is just one of many advantages of being a Medical Tourist and the majority of Americans seek healthcare elsewhere in order to receive treatment that is not yet available in the States, such as CCSVI liberation, or treatments that are not usually covered by healthcare insurance plans, such as bariatric surgery. There are many other reasons to go abroad for medical procedures; who wouldn’t prefer to have a medical vacation, with time to recover in the sun, without the stresses of work and day to day life? Or the opportunity to be treated in a top class facility with the most highly qualified specialists in their field? Or first class medical care, looking after you without worrying about freeing bed space or who is next on the waiting list?

It is likely that for a short time following the Health Care Reform there will be a small drop in the number of people leaving America to receive some treatments. However, there will always be people seeking to find a higher quality of treatment and looking for alternative treatments, or breakthrough therapies not yet available in the States. It is also very possible that, once the pressure of the new system are felt, more Americans, not fewer, will be seeking to be treated outside of their country.

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