When people talk about medical tourism they assume that people do it for one of three reasons: because it is an elective procedure and it is cheaper to go abroad; because it is an essential procedure but the individual is uninsured so it’s cheaper to go abroad; or because it is a lifesaving procedure that is not yet licensed in their domestic country.

Whilst many people put the boom in Medical Tourism almost entirely down to the fact that medical procedures abroad can be 30-75% cheaper than having them done in the US, we don’t agree that this is the only reason. If you paid the full 100% for a successful operation you would have lost a few thousand dollars. However, if you paid 25% and were not happy with the results, the effect could be worth more than those few thousand dollars.

Here at Angeles Health International we think that being a Medical Tourist is about much, much more than the money. We offer first class procedures with experienced professionals in a warm and safe environment. We have English speaking staff to explain the procedures and to offer advice and support before, during and after your stay with us. People come to us even if they can afford to have the treatment at home, because they know they will avoid long wait lists and will receive the highest quality of care, both within and outside of the US.

We think that price, while obviously a serious consideration, shouldn’t be your first consideration. If you are thinking about going abroad for healthcare, rank price fourth, after the quality of the doctors and staff, waiting time and the quality of the facility that you will be staying in.

So whether you are thinking of coming to us for a procedure that you can have in the US, such as bariatric surgery, or you are looking for life changing treatment that is only available outside the US, such as alternative cancer treatment or CCSVI treatment for MS, we ask you one thing. Don’t come to us because we’re cheap, come to us because we’re the best; saving money is just a bonus!