Medical travel is bringing hope to many who believed that having vision correction procedures was too costly. Because many Americans don’t have healthcare coverage for procedures like multifocal LASIK, and find the procedure too expensive to pay out of pocket, given other medical priorities. .  With the continuing recession and research indicates as many as half of all bankruptcies filed in the U.S. in recent years were caused from excessive medical bills, many Americans will continue deferring elective procedures such as Multifocal LASIK.

By going to Mexico, many medical travelers have been able to afford so-called elective procedures. Multifocal LASIK surgery is one such procedure that many insurance companies consider elective. Mexico has become an increasingly popular medical traveler destination not only because of the lower cost, but because Mexico also offers technologically advanced hospitals, highly educated surgeons of international renown, including those who perform state-of-the-art procedures such as Lumbar Dynamic Stabilization surgery by highly talented orthopedic and hip replacement surgeons.

Comparing The Costs

Medical travel definitely offers a significant bargain. For example standard LASIK surgery in the U.S. typically costs $7,000. For many, that price is not within reach so they continue to put up with wearing corrective lenses. By turning to medical travel to Mexico, LAIK is affordable for most at $2,000. The same Mexico-to-US price delta exists for custom wavefront LASIK and the newest innovation in vision correction, multifocal LASIK to correct presbyopia (age-related decline in vision acuity). This disparity in price also applies to other common medical travel surgeries such as hip and knee replacement surgery, dental care and cosmetic surgeries.

When looking for a vision clinic in Mexico, it’s wise for surgical candidates to compare the costs of surgery among various hospitals. It’s also imperative to make sure that the surgery being offered is either the same procedure that would be performed in the U.S. or a more technologically advanced procedure. In many cases, Mexico and other countries offer the more advanced proven procedures such as Presbyopia LASIK, which are still in clinical trials in the U.S.

Visiting the medical provider’s website is the first step to find costs for each procedure. Some hospitals may not list prices, but may instead offer customized quotes through the web. Angeles Health International provides free quotes through the website for a variety of procedures including dental, vision, orthopedic, cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery

When getting a quote, it is usually necessary to provide medical records in order to analyze each individual’s needs and provide a custom quote. Based on the unique information of each individual, the quote will include the cost of medical treatment, transportation (to the medical destination and the return trip home), lodging (based on the estimated length of stay), and any other special arrangements or accommodations that may be needed. Medical travel companies simplify this process by helping research different options, arranging communication, and offering guidelines that will help to choose the best option.

Ask About Financing Your Surgery

Though opting to have a procedure done abroad will cost less, saving money can still be a roadblock to having the procedure done immediately. Having vision correction done while on a vacation to Mexico may be a good option but may be cost prohibitive, especially if the whole family is going on vacation.

Other more expensive procedures such as hip replacement surgery and cosmetic surgery may only be possible to those on fixed incomes by paying installments. It’s also important to not cut quality in order to save money. Looking for the highest qualified hip replacement surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and dentists should be the most important thing. If comparing hospitals in Mexico and the costs differ, look at the training, qualifications and research done by the surgeons at each. Even if that means choosing the hospital with the more expensive quote, you know you are getting the best care and that you have finance options to help make it affordable.

Many hospital networks in Mexico, such as Angeles Health International, offer financing options including medical loans through lenders that can be paid in installments. AHI also assists those with poor credit by providing credit repair solutions in order to secure a medical loan.

Working with a Medical Travel Company

Though it may seem cheaper to go on the web yourself to find the lowest rates on airplane tickets and hotels, many medical travel companies can find the best bargains. AHI streamlines the process. The company will coordinate travel plans including transportation, lodging, and any special accommodations. A detailed itinerary will be provided to the medical traveler, outlining a schedule and containing important contact information.

By researching all of the elements of surgery before committing to one company, it’s important to make sure that not only are you getting a bargain by using medical travel to Mexico, but that you are also getting the best healthcare anywhere in the world.