Face lift patients at Angeles Health in Mexico are cared for by a dedicated team of physicians, surgeons and nurses. As part of Mexico’s largest private hospital network, Angeles Health has the world’s best surgeons, such as certified cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Miguel Angel Parra, who carries out the face lift procedure. Our luxury hospital, advanced medical technologies and friendly, professional, helpful staff will make sure your face lift surgery is a very positive experience that is also excellent value for money.

During a face lift our surgeon will make an incision above the hairline. The facial skin is then separated from the tissue underneath it and excess fat and skin are taken off. The facial muscles are also tightened, which improves the shape and appearance of the face. Our surgeon will then reattach the skin using stitches or staples. The overall result is a clear reduction of sagging and age lines in the face. Patients leave Angeles Health with a fresh, young, and more vibrant look.

At Angeles Health our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Miguel Parra performs the standard full Face Lift surgery as well as the Mini Face Lift surgery that focuses either on the lower face, or the upper face and temporal region. Either Mini Lift can be carried out to include or exclude the eye area. The full Face Lift involves the eye brows, eyes, neck, liposuction and cementoplasty (muscles under the chin are tied so that you have a smooth and taught neckline).
Have a look at these before and after pictures from our patient for an idea of the kind of results you can expect from Angeles Health!