Dr. Ariel Perez on the Differences Between Functional Medicine and Conventional Medicine

Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment

The Angeles Functional Oncology cancer treatment program features a remarkable synergy of treatment modalities, moving beyond conventional approaches to oncological care to combine a focus on cell biology and function with immunotherapy and its environment – a methodology that effectively targets cancer cells while shielding healthy cells from collateral invasion.

Is it true that conventional medicine doctors are likely to be hostile to this approach if their patients suggest that the want to take this approach? And if so, you know, what was your comment mean, for the patient, for the doctor about why that should not be the case? In conventional medicine, we’re very strict.

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In conventional medicine, we have a, I always compare our location to the military kind of environment and we’re very strict in the way we treat in whatever false aside those lines, we are very, not necessarily skeptic, but we are looking to use or maybe incorporating our practice. It is important to understand that medicine goes farther from what we learned in medical school. There’s a lot of different disciplines that are, have been there. There’s a lot of different therapies that have been used for thousands of years, of our years, and that in the latest, in the last years have been gathering not just enough synergism, but inertia, that was what we’re looking for, was substantial scientific evidence of they work.

So, for instance, every time that I talk about ozone, I get a the violent response from the medical community and have doctors who are very well trained and know about this kind of treatments. And, I have doctors who have never heard of it. And maybe their initial response to it will be not so passive.

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But every single doctor is changing in the sense that we are opening more to these kind of therapies, but yes, we still have those divided kind of response relation to what we do or with this approach. But at the end I will say, the most important key factor here is the patient, the patient well being and the result that we are achieving with that.

The Functional Oncology Alternative Cancer Treatment
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“ The immune system ensures that all cells are healthy for them to be fully functional an oversees the defense and repair process of the human body, making it a primary aspect to fight cancer ” 

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Sherlyn Nocwiki is a 52-year-old cancer free patient from Canada, that was diagnosed with breast cancer before getting a 12 day treatment with us. She shares how the moment she was diagnosed with cancer was the most frightening moment of her life and after she researched all the negative the side-effect from traditional cancer treatments and their secondary effects the fear only grew and became more real.

Sheryl like most patients, had many treatment options and along with her primary care doctor from Canada who helped her go through the process of deciding, they talked with Dr. Perez for about six hours to decide.

Sheryl explains how before arriving with us, she visited another cancer clinic in Tijuana but her experience was bad and their premises made her feel very uncomfortable, completely the opposite of how she felt when she walked in to Angeles Hospital where the premises are up to US standards and the staff made her feel right at home. She gets emotional when talking about how good the personalized attention of Dr. Perez and the entire medical team was.

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Angeles Hospitals cancer clinic offers one of the most successful naturophatic (natural cancer treatments) and holistic cancer treatments in Mexico.

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