The main goal of weight loss surgery is to lose weight, of course. However, the benefits of weight loss surgery reach far beyond just weighing less and feeling healthier. Significant weight loss can boost the immune system, balance hormones, and help you get a better night’s sleep. Research shows losing weight can dramatically improve your overall health and mental well-being as soon as you start shedding excess pounds.


Balanced Hormones

Hormones regulate the body’s many systems, so better balanced hormones after weight loss is great news for your overall health. Weight loss brings the hormones that determine sleep and mood back under control and can regulate the production of appetite-controlling hormones like leptin. Women with irregular periods will likely experience more regular cycles and a decrease in estrogen-like hormones after weight loss, which reduces the risk of breast cancer.


Improved Mood

Research reveals depression improves significantly after six months of weight loss. Even those who are not depressed should experience a lift in mood as hormones like serotonin balance during weight loss. The psychological benefits of losing weight include feeling better about the way you look and feeling a sense of accomplishment as you meet your wellness goals, both of which should improve your outlook on life.


Elimination of Toxins

Body fat stores toxins from our food and environment. Losing weight means shedding harmful substances like heavy metals from your body as you take off the pounds. Toxins damage cells, so the more you cleanse your body of toxic fat the healthier your cells will be. This leads to improved functioning of all your body’s systems, which helps you feel better and can accelerate the weight loss process.


Clearer and Looser Skin

As toxins leave your system and hormones are regulated, you may experience clearer skin. Acne may disappear, rashes caused by conditions like eczema can clear up, and better circulation can give you a healthier color. Another big change after losing lots of weight is looser skin. This is one of the more unwelcome changes after weight loss. For some, exercise can help skin return to a tighter condition. People who lose substantial amounts of weight may need to undergo surgery to remove excess skin.


Better Sleep

Studies show sleep is noticeably improved at six months and still improving up to two years after significant weight loss begins. Weight loss can reduce or eliminate common interruptions to a good night’s sleep like backache, snoring, and hormonal fluctuations. Those who have sleep apnea caused by weight gain should experience a reversal of the sleep condition once they reach a particular weight loss goal.


Smaller Feet

As you lose weight, you take a lot of strain off your feet. This often leads to your feet narrowing, and they may even shrink a size or two. Smaller feet are a great sign for the health of your foot bones, ankles, and knees as they begin to bear less excess weight.


Increased Sex Drive

Many people with a low sex drive who lose weight find their libido quickly returns. Not only do you feel better about your body, which can increase your libido, but hormone regulation will play a big part in decreasing stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) that inhibit sex drive.


Boosted Immunity

The cell damage caused by obesity can seriously hinder the immune system. The good news is as you lose weight you will experience a natural boost in immunity. Weight loss itself will help your body fight against and recover from viral and bacterial infections. The measures you take to lose weight, including diet and exercise, also increase your body’s resistance to illness.

Healthier Heart

One of the greatest benefits of weight loss is the way it improves cardiovascular health. Even moderate weight loss can improve circulation and decrease your chances of heart disease. The greater the weight loss, the more your heart health improves. High blood pressure, a common problem in overweight individuals, is often lowered even with a modest reduction in weight.

Weight Loss for Better Health   

Weight loss surgery is a potential solution for anyone struggling to lose weight through other methods, and it may be the answer to improving your health in general. If you’ve already decided on weight loss surgery you can look forward to months of positive changes in the weeks, months, and years following your procedure.