A newly released study shows that eating a diet high in antioxidants, especially those from fruit and vegetables, can help to slash a woman’s chances of suffering from a heart attack by 20%. The study will be published in the October edition of The American Journal of Medicine.

The study
Researchers at the Karolinska Institute followed 32,500 Swedish women aged between 49 and 83 for a period of ten years. The women answered questionnaires about their diet and eating habits. By the end of the ten year research period 1,114 of the women in the study had suffered a heart attack.
The dietary habits of the participants varied, with some eating as little as 2.4 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, while others ate almost 7 portions. The study showed that the women who had the highest antioxidant levels, those who ate almost seven fruit and vegetable portions a day, had a 20% lower risk of heart attack than those with the lowest antioxidant levels.
There are a wide range of weight loss diets available in America today, most of which promise health benefits for those who lose weight. However, the researchers involved in this study say that the only real way to gain the health benefits from losing weight, either through diet or weight loss surgery, is to keep a diet that is high in naturally occurring fruit and vegetables.

Only the real thing will do
Whilst past studies on the benefit of taking antioxidant supplements to reduce heart attack risks were inconclusive, it is thought that this study showed such strong results because the women consumed naturally occurring antioxidants, which could be more effective. This could be because a healthy diet provides a range of antioxidants, including thousands of compounds found in our diets, but that can’t be given in a single supplement.

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Antioxidant rich foods
If you want to get your antioxidant levels up then try to eat fresh or dried berries, such as cranberries or blueberries, beans and artichoke hearts, and nuts, such as hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts. Try spicing up your food with antioxidant rich herbs and spices like cinnamon, oregano and cloves. And remember, variety is key. Try to get a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts every day to optimize your health.

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