Choosing to have your medical healthcare in Mexico with Angeles Health is about more than value for money. We all want to save money where possible, but when it comes to your health there are some risks that are just not worth taking. Whilst many clinics and surgeries in Mexico offer medical procedures at a lower cost than the equivalent in Canada and America, the pre-treatment procedures, facilities and aftercare are often inadequate, or even dangerous. At Angeles Health we offer the highest standards of care before, during and after your medical procedure in Mexico because we believe that your health, and your future, is not something that you should compromise on.

Before Your Surgery

Angeles Health is recognized as Mexico’s largest network of private hospitals. Our reputation is outstanding, and we want to keep it that way. We do not believe in putting our patients at risk and we look at each case to determine a patient’s suitability for treatment, whether that treatment is dental surgery, weight loss surgery, alternative cancer treatment, stem cell therapy or any other cosmetic or essential treatment. Before making a recommendation for treatment to any patient we look at their history, their medical needs and what they want to get out of their surgery. If the patient is deemed suitable for treatment, their designated, US speaking case manager will request for that patient’s medical notes to be sent to the hospital so that the case can be reviewed by a specialist in preparation for treatment.

If necessary, for example if the procedure is to treat an ongoing condition such as a heart condition or cancer, the lead physician may consult with the patient’s existing physicians to discuss any areas of concern. For some medical procedures we will consult with the patient in person as well as over the telephone before the procedure to make sure that we have a full medical background and that any necessary pre-operative checks and procedures are carried out.

A seamless, extensive pre-operative procedure is not just about filling in paperwork, it is about making sure that we know what each patient needs, about managing expectations and reducing complications by understanding the physical and emotional health of our patients and helping our patients to understand their role in their treatment, such as lifestyle changes, pain management where necessary and drugs that they may need to take after the procedure to aid recovery and prevent complications.

Why Is Angeles Health Different From Other Hospitals In Mexico?

The level of care received by Angeles Health patients extends much further than state of the art facilities and world class physicians. Many clinics offering similar procedures to those performed at Angeles Health hospitals do not take the time to understand the medical needs of their patients, they simply treat all patients with a “one size fits all approach. This approach does, of course, save the clinics time and money, but at the cost of a patient’s safety. The doctors and care providers in our fully equipped hospitals don’t want to simply get patients in, treat them and send them home. At Angeles Health we make sure that we do everything we can to manage and prevent risks to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient as an individual.

If you are seeking medical healthcare in Mexico for anything from dental implants to breast augmentation, from weight loss surgery to alternative cancer treatment, from joint replacement to cardiology, the all-inclusive care program offered by Angeles Health is unrivalled by any clinic or surgery in Mexico. For more information about the procedures conducted in our 22 hospitals, get in touch to speak to one of our qualified case managers.