Sophisticated orthopedic care at top private Mexico hospitals offers Americans a high quality alternative to US insurance industry-driven health care woes.Angeles Health International Simplifies Medical Travel And Offers Ways To Find Quality Orthopedic Care

While the U.S. healthcare reform battles on, Americans are turning to Mexico hospitals in surprisingly large – and growing – numbers for quality orthopedic care that is affordable. Patients arrive at Mexico hospitals such as Angeles with an expectation of good, affordable medical care. What they find is a state-of-the-art medical facility offering the latest cutting-edge procedures including orthopedic procedures such as knee or hip replacement surgery and lumbar dynamic stabilization.

Although medical travel is a well-established practice offering US patients many benefits, it is wise when researching options for orthopedic surgeries such as hip replacement and understand the quality of care that is available through Mexico hospitals.

U.S. based Angeles Health International (AHI) has the largest private network of Mexico hospitals and offers a convenient three step approach to connecting medical travelers with orthopedic and hip replacement surgeons and planning the medical travel from start to finish.

Your Quote And Consult

The quote process usually can be completed within a 24-hour turnaround. The first step in obtaining a customized quote from Mexico hospitals is information collection. For example, at AHI, a case manager is assigned to each medical traveler and begins the process by collecting medical history, most recent lab tests, X-rays and recent diagnosis.

After collecting the medical history, if needed the case manager will set up a surgical consultation prior to providing the quote. Working with a hospital accustomed to serving medical travel patients is a plus, since most surgeons at Hospital Angeles and other Mexico hospitals specializing in medical tourism are familiar with the process of contacting patients email, conference call or videoconference.

This step is also a good time to ask the case manager questions including a surgeon’s qualifications, testimonials from people who have had the same surgery and surgeon, how long the trip will be including surgery time and recovery, how soon it can be scheduled, what passport or visa requirements need to be taken care of immediately and what the process of the whole trip is including travel to and from the destination.

This first step will provide a clear understanding of what the surgery and hospital care will cost, with no unpleasant surprises. That’s why it’s smart to have a full team of trustworthy professionals looking out for the medical traveler’s best interests, and delivering peace of mind.

Medical Travel Coordination

Hip replacement surgeons review the medical traveler’s medical records. After being green-lighted for the surgery, a medical travel coordinator will plan the itinerary for the entire trip including travel, lodging, and any other additional costs or accommodations needed during travel.

A bilingual Mexico hospital travel coordinator provides an itinerary that covers every detail of the surgery. This itinerary will include pre-surgery lab work orders, a description of the procedure, expected recovery time, local ground transportation arrangements for arrival, hotel reservations for pre and post-surgical stay, airline confirmations, important contact numbers and all transportation upon arrival, so treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Quality Care Pre-Surgery And Post-Surgery

In some cases, hip replacement surgeons may require a follow-up consultation before the medical traveler is released to travel home. If that’s the case, AHI organizes the stay at one of the specialty-priced partner hotels until the medical traveler is released to travel home safely.

Following surgery, the hip replacement surgeon will provide post-op care such as compression stockings to prevent blood clots, and review with the patient any issues that will require special attention when the individual is returning home including necessary physical therapy during the recovery process. After medical travelers return home, the hospital always follows up to ensure recovery is going as planned and answer any questions that the medical traveler has about the surgery and the post-op process.

Angeles Health International’s three-step process minimizes the stress of the medical traveler by will prioritizing the unique needs of a medical traveler before, during, and after surgery. When trusting one’s health to a hip replacement surgeon, there is a lot of stress and emotion involved. AHI professionals work on the individual’s behalf, taking into consideration specific medical needs, to find the best hip replacement surgeons, arrange consultations and medical procedures, as well as providing quotes of cost for medical travel and even making arrangements for a less stressful experience.