Healthcare costs are increasing Western countries like the US and Canada and many patients are becoming more and more frustrated, causing them to source medical care overseas. Waiting times are also rising within national health services, making sick people’s lives very distressing. It is very stressful when patients prepare for a surgical procedure and it ends up being canceled on the same day it had been booked in for. Some patients experience this multiple times before they can finally go through with their operation.

There is a solution to these common, yet highly worrying problems. “Global healthcare” or “medical tourism” benefits the patient as well as the country they travel to. Medical tourism in Mexico is extremely popular with patients in the US and Canada because the country is so nearby.

Medical tourists like to travel for medical care when they have easy access to international travel, observe the rise of progressive treatments outside their home countries, and witness the attentive care they receive by governments that really welcome international patients.

Such benefits undoubtedly apply to medical tourism in Mexico. The country’s largest private hospital network, Angeles Health, has an international base in Tijuana, a vibrant city just over the US border. The hospital is staffed by Stanford trained physicians and offers medical tourists spacious personal rooms and hospitable nurses.

Cost savings are another attraction to medical tourism. At Angeles hospital patients will have shorter or even non-existent waiting times, the best quality medical expertise, first class care and attentiveness and hospital costs that are just half or sometimes only a third of the price they would pay for treatment at home.