Medical tourism is perhaps not something that one would initially consider when faced with needing a particular treatment or wanting a certain procedure. Many of us have either a National Health Service or medical insurance. But some do not and therefore need to pay their medical treatment themselves. That is when considerations need to be made in terms of the quality and value for money of any proposed treatment plan.

In addition, some people who do have a National Health Service in their country or have medical insurance still think about using alternative means of medical treatment. This could be because waiting times are too long or the treatment and services provided by their local hospital do not meet their requirements or expectations.

Many patients at Angeles Health comment on how clean and beautiful our hospital is and it seems to compare well to their experiences closer to home.
Sometimes patients choose to go abroad for medical treatment because their chosen treatment or procedure is not available in their home country. CCSVI treatment for multiple sclerosis for example is not available in Canada as the country’s leaders are still conducting clinical trials. Yet CCSVI treatment has been proven to be safe and more effective than many readily available drugs for MS on the market at present.

Elective or minor procedure such as cosmetic surgery and dental treatment are also available at Angeles Health and as our hospital is located in Mexico many patients come here in part due to the massive cost savings they make compared to having treatment in their home country. To find out more about our procedures please contact us using the form on the right.