Angeles Health is Mexico's largest private hospital network and number one medical tourism destination. Our network has 22 hospitals, 1,700 beds and 11,000 specialists.  

Our experienced US based case managers offer patients full English-fluent and Spanish-fluent concierge services.

We have years of experience with medical tourism and have treated over 7,500 international patients to date - many of them have left video testimonials for you to view.  We are also immensely proud of our World Class doctors and modern medical facilities.

We understand patients...

Medical tourism is the rapidly growing trend that has seen thousands of people learn about the quality, convenience and cost savings of healthcare in Mexico and beyond.

So why do people opt for medical tourism?

Many come for procedures and protocols which are not available at home - our CCSVI, Stem Cell Treatments and Functional Oncology programs are great examples of these.

Some choose medical tourism because they need a procedure and can't afford it at home. Others come because they want to make a change, say their smile, their looks or their weight and medical tourism offers a way of achieving great results for a lot less money. Whatever your reason, Angeles Health is here to help.

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