Hospital Angeles Roma has leading team of medical professionals, innovative facilities and a unique approach to patient care that puts our patients first. Our current weight loss surgery packages are not only cost-effective, they are pioneering within their field including the use of cutting edge equipment and highly experienced surgeons to ensure the best results from your stay. At Hospital Angeles Roma we believe that our packages are about you and your expectations, therefore we strive to make you feel welcomed and well informed of your procedures to ensure a positive experience.

The staff at Hospital Angeles Roma are internationally renowned throughout the medical industry for their excellence and outstanding performance. Many of our surgeons are invited to lead medical discussions and author innovative medical publications.

See below for a feature in Newsweek featuring one of our Surgeons, Dr. Adriana Liceaga.

Newsweek, 28th June 2012:

Dr. Adriana Liceaga specializes in General Surgery. Following Graduation from the Faculty of Medicine, University La Salle, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain and the Hospital Angeles, receiving the award for academic excellence Olegario Vazquez Rana. Dr. Liceaga has trained in minimally invasive surgery in the United States, Italy, Spain and Brazil, a procedure that is less invasive than open surgery.

Throughout her career Dr. Liceaga has participated in numerous conferences and has been invited as a lecturer in the United States, Brazil and Mexico. She teaches graduate courses in the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is a visiting professor at the “American Institute of Telesurgery “(IRCAD).

Dr. Liceaga is at the forefront of her field, always using advanced surgical techniques. She is a recognized leader in the area of obesity surgery for her wide ranging experience and passionate interest in minimal invasive gastrointestinal surgery and MINI-laparoscopic surgery. In addition to maintaining success in her surgical practice, Dr. Liceaga is an educational consultant and is strongly involved in the training of surgeons throughout Latin America.

Dr. Liceaga has a private practice in Los Angeles del Pedregal Hospital and is coordinated by the Institute of Hospital Angeles Obesity Rome.

See below for the prices of weight loss procedures at Angeles Health Roma:

Gastric Bypass:  $10,950

The cost for a gastric bypass procedure in the U.S. costs on average about $25,000, meaning that you save 56% with the Hospital Angeles Roma procedure. Despite the saving, this includes access to leading surgeons and world-class care that Angeles Health Roma is known for.

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Gastric Sleeve: $11,500

The gastric sleeve procedure in a North American hospital can frequently reach over $30,000, meaning that you save 62% with the Hospital Angeles Roma procedure. The procedure is also usually not covered by medical insurance. The gastric sleeve procedure at Angeles Health Roma is conducted by highly experienced and qualified surgeons.

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