There is no doubt that LAP-BAND® surgery works – the thousands of medical travelers per year can attest to this. But what are the requirements for a LAP-BAND® procedure? How do you determine if LAP-BAND® is really what’s best for you? The answers are easier to find than you might think.There are a number of simple questions to answer before you even start to touch the more complex, deep and emotional reasons why you might choose, or not choose, Mexico weight loss surgery. Be sure that you have reviewed all of these questions prior to arranging your medical travel to Mexico. Although your surgeon will certainly review some of the basics with you, it’s always better to have everything clear in your mind when you make the booking for LAP-BAND® surgery.

Step One: The Weight Issue

If you are considering LAP-BAND® surgery or any other form of Mexico weight loss surgery, then extra weight has in some way become a problem for you – either in terms of your health, self image, or sense of vitality.   However, the LAP-BAND® system has certain weight requirements that you must meet in order to even be considered. The first is that you must have a BMI of at least 30, or a BMI of higher than 35 with a diagnosed weight-related health complication, or need to lose at least 100 lbs to reach a healthy weight. If any of these conditions applies to your weight, you should absolutely look into LAP-BAND® surgery.  These are the standards reocmended by the National Institute for Health.

When you begin to consider your weight loss surgery in Mexico, gastroenterologist surgeons will ask or measure your BMI to ensure you meet the minimum 30 (a standard set by the National Institute for Health) since LAP-BAND® surgery can have adverse effects in men and women who do not need to lose large amounts of weight. If you don’t meet these criteria for the procedure, then there is no need for you to seek medical travel to Mexico to discuss the LAP-BAND® procedure. Your challenges are best met with the assistance of a  licensed dietician, trainer and/or weight loss specialist rather than Mexico weight loss surgery.

Step Two: Your History, Physical and Medical

In step two, it’s time to consider the more personal side of your weight loss question. First, you need to be at least 18 years of age in order to have the surgery or else have a guardian give you the required permissions.  Bariatric surgery can be performed on patients as young as thirteen, but most providers such as Hospital Angeles required a a fairly  intensive total family treatment program. Patients must be significantly overweight for longer than five years and have had no or limited or negligible  success with weight loss previously. For many individuals considering LAP-BAND® surgery, this is absolutely the norm. Surgeons perform procedures every day on men and women who have given up on ever seeing results from their dietary and activity changes, accepting that they will be significantly overweight all their life……. and all the limitations this implies. For those who have truly struggled with weight, LAP-BAND® surgery can mean a new lease on life – literally.

In order to have Mexico weight loss surgery you must also be free of any conditions that have a high probability of causing surgical complications, as well as any medical conditions that could explain your weight gain. One particular issue to be aware of is that LAP-BAND® surgery should not be performed on a pregnant woman. Although a woman can certainly become pregnant after having the surgery because the band can be adjusted, pregnancy can complicate the initial insertion process. If you are pregnant, your surgeon will ask you to reschedule until after your child is born.

If your physician has any question about your fitness to undergo surgery, he or she may want to test you in order to be absolutely certain that your weight gain is a result of overeating and that you are a good candidate for LAP-BAND®. Mexico weight loss surgery, although minimally invasive, is nonetheless a serious procedure. The men and women who undergo this process typically see very positive results, and the surgeons know what to look for as indicators that a medical traveler might not respond as well. You will almost certainly be put through a number of tests before scheduling your medical travel to Mexico in order to ensure that you are a perfect candidate for this revolutionary surgery.

Step Three: Your Ability to Make a Change

We’ve touched on the fact that LAP-BAND® surgery requires you have a history of obesity for at least  5 years before the procedure. We’ve also mentioned the requirement that Mexico weight loss surgery candidates must have tried to lose weight and failed. But we haven’t yet discussed the emotional implications of those requirements for Mexico weight loss surgery health travelers. Without doubt, being overweight brings as many emotional hardships as it does physical. For some people, this can make it very difficult to bring themselves to change, even after medical travel to Mexico and LAP-BAND® surgery.

Although LAP-BAND® and Mexico weight loss surgery are a highly effective solution for any medical traveler who can’t get results with diet and exercise; it is nonetheless true that lifestyle changes must accompany a LAP-BAND® procedure. Medical travel to Mexico will show you all about the change in lifestyle you will need to lead, and you will leave in no doubt of what you need to do in order to take care of your new body. There will be changes that you have to make, and if you aren’t committed to following those changes even after your medical travel to Mexico, you are certainly less likely to get the results you’re hoping for. Yet for those who are willing to follow the advice of their Mexico weight loss surgeons, medical travel to Mexico is an incredible jump-start into a new life free from obesity. Just consult with a Mexico weight loss surgery specialist before you start planning your medical travel. Mexico surgeons work closely with United States citizens every day, so they’ll be able to work with you and determine exact planning specifications for your LAP-BAND® surgery and any other procedures you might need.