Americans can save 50-80% over US LASIK prices by having their procedure in a state of the art medical facility abroad. Angeles Health International features affordable medical travel LASIK packages for standard, custom wavefront and multifocal PresbyLASIK procedures. Medical travel to Mexico is becoming a popular solution for many Americans who want to correct their vision with multifocal LASIK eye surgery. But  not all hospitals for medical travel in Mexico are equal. Researching a variety of hospitals in the country where you plan to travel is a smart way to ensure that you receive the highest quality care. Many useful tools are available online which can be used to research multifocal LASIK surgery hospitals abroad.

Ask Questions

By using the Internet, it’s easy to explore the credentials and reputation of international hospitals providing multifocal LASIK surgery.  Angeles Health International’s (AHI) website maps out the entire process from getting a quote to researching surgeons and reading testimonials. When comparing AHI and other hospitals, the level of innovation and technology,  as well as patient  feedback regarding the hospitals’s  reputation are especially important.

It’s important to have a list of questions ready to ask when contacting a multifocal LASIK center, but these questions are essential:

  • How often does the hospital perform multifocal LASIK in Mexico and how many surgeries does the surgeon perform per month/year?
  • Is the staff bilingual and if not, are translators available through the entire process?
  • What is expected before, during, and after treatment?
  • Where did the surgeon receive medical training and what additional qualifications and accreditations does he or she hold?
  • Can you see testimonials from other medical travelers who have had the same surgery with the same surgeon?
  • Is the procedure offered the most technologically advanced available, regardless of what country it is in?
  • If unforeseen circumstances such as illness prevent you from receiving surgery, what is the refund policy?
  • Does the hospital have a Price Assurance Guarantee comparable to Angeles Health, that is, if unforseen complications arise, will your medical travel contract cover any additional expenses?
  • What visa and passport requirements are there and how far in advance do those requirements need to be met?

Research The Hospital And Surgeon

In most countries where medical travel has experienced a booming economic influx, an agency created by the government provides guidelines, oversight and compliance in healthcare. When checking accreditation for medical travel in Mexico, whether by an international medical oversight agency or local, regional or national agencies, it’s important to know what criteria the accreditation is based on and how often the hospital is reviewed for compliance.

After narrowing down a list of surgeons, looking at their individual medical training, accomplishments, professional memberships and surgical research experience will build confidence in the surgeon’s abilities. Mexico hospitals and multifocal LASIK vision clinics strive to provide the latest advancements in healthcare, thus they attract highly sought after surgeons with excellent credentials.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) symbol is also important when researching a provider. This ensures that a hospital or vision clinic recognizes internationally recognized standards for healthcare and follows these standards, but it doesn’t hold the same weight as a hospital that has been accredited and received oversight from a healthcare organization.

When researching Angeles Health International’s hospital network of 20 hospitals, you’ll find that AHI is ISO certified and holds American Dental Association certifications for dentists. In addition, the Mexican Council of General Surgery certifies AHI’s 11,000 highly qualified specialists and surgeons.

Why Choose LASIK in Mexico

Angeles Hospital offers a one-stop-shop for medical travel. Just as AHI hospitals and surgeons offer patient-centric healthcare, the medical travel division also puts the needs of the medical traveler first. A medical travel coordinator works on the medical traveler’s behalf to customize a package, taking into consideration their individual needs. The coordinator provides a detailed quote for the cost of medical travel, including treatment, lodging, travel, and special accommodations. When researching LASIK in Mexico, AHI should be on any medical traveler’s shor