The stories of MS patients having the CCSVI treatment are everywhere on the internet, especially at sites such as  CCSVI Locator, an MS patient-created site which features the blogs of many MS patients discussing their plans for treatment,and their recovery from their symptoms after receiving treatment. Like this story of Paul, who first noticed his MS at age 18.

“After the treatment (for CCSVI) I could feel sensation in my arm and hands and I could walk a lot better and didn’t seem to get as tired. I know this is going to take some time to get the iron deposits flushed out of my body and then more improvements will be seen. It’s been fantastic here at Hospital Angeles. Everyone here wants only the best for me.”

Though he noticed the symptoms twenty years earlier, Paul was not  actually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis until the age of 40, when worsening attacks led him to a neurologist who found lesions in the brain.

Paul W. came to Hospital Angeles Tijuana for his diagnostic testing and treatment for CCSVI. You can watch his video here.