There was a time when weight loss surgery was considered the ‘easy way out’ but nothing could be further from the truth  – this is an attitude built on misperceptions of what drives obesity as well as  misperceptions of what LAP BAND really entails.

LAP BAND is not a magic solution – the person having the  procedure must make the real and lasting lifestyle changes  – not just eating behaviors but the psychological perceptions/issues related to those behaviors – needed for weight loss.

Adjustable gastric banding is not so much a ‘short cut’ (though why that should be maligned I have no idea) but a jump start that many find essential given the serious complications from ‘diabesity’ (obesity related Type 2 Diabetes) that they face.

The FDA recently lowered the BMI guidelines for LAP BAND approval – you no longer have to be >100lbs overweight or have a BMI >40, which most of us aren’t.  60% of Americans are overweight though, and LAP BAND can keep the obesity epidemic from becoming an epidemic of blind amputees due to diabetes complications  in our later years.

Guides like (click on the link below) show the true picture of obesity and the role of LAP-BAND in controlling/eliminating it: from NFL linemen and coaches to US doctors and nurses, people from all walks of life have taken the step that saves lives:

Your Complete Guide to LAP-BAND Surgery.