The blog authored by Ken  Torbert, “CCSVI LOCATOR” has recently published a new website for patients who have the CCSVI treatment. The website is a compilation of self-reported results by MS patients diagnosed with, and treated for, Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, a syndrome involving venous malformations in which the flow of blood in the veins draining the central nervous system is compromised.

Dr. Paolo Zamboni discovered the syndrome in 2008, theorizing that veins draining from the brain were either malformed or blocked, providing an underlying cause of MS and if this  blockage could be re-opened it could alleviate many of the symptoms. The interventional procedure was labeled the “liberation procedure” because it liberated the MS patients from first, their blockages and subsequently from their MS symptoms. Since then, thousands of MS patients have undergone the procedure, and posted their stories on blogs such as CCSVI Locator, and sponsored by medical facilities providing the Liberation venoplasty treatment.

The new outcomes tracking site is located at and is a compilation patient’s self-report data on improvement in quality of life, mobility, sensitivity, fatigue and cognitive function.