What: Global Handwashing Day
When: 15th October every year
Where: Healthcare institutes, schools, governments, families all over the world.
Why: Because handwashing really can save lives.

It may seem like a minor thing to many of us. Most of us probably wash our hands anyway so think that Global Handwashing day doesn’t affect us. But washing your hands, properly, in soap and water or using an alcohol based rub is important for every one of us.

Regular handwashing is the most effective way of preventing infectious diseases, like influenza and the common cold. In many cases handwashing is as effective at preventing the contraction of viruses as vaccines themselves.

Why Wash Your Hands?
We all know that hand washing your hands after going to the toilet and before and after preparing food is a must. But how often do you wash your hands in between?

In westernized countries regular handwashing can help prevent the flu virus and can stop people from catching bugs and germs from the people and objects around them. In addition to preventing you from getting sick, by regularly washing your hands you will prevent yourself from spreading germs to others. If everyone washed their hands regularly, germs would have no way of travelling and we would get sick a lot less!

Even if your hands look clean, they probably carry germs that have been picked up during the day. When someone coughs or sneezes, microscopic droplets of their germs are carried into the air. These germs get on your hands, either directly or via objects. When you touch your face; your eyes, mouth or nose, you take on the infection. By washing your hands regularly, especially after you have been somewhere busy like a shopping mall, on public transport or in a park, you can stop yourself from being infected by these invisible germs.

Who Is At The Greatest Risk?
Whilst we are all susceptible to germs, some people are at a greater risk than others. Children, the elderly, and other groups with impaired immune systems as the result of a pre-existing condition or chronic disease are at a greater risk from germs. This is why it is essential that we teach children the importance of regular hand washing and do our best to avoid infection if we have contact with anyone with a weakened immune system.

People with cancer and who have undergone chemotherapy will have very little, or no, immunity to infections. Likewise, those who have undergone a bone marrow transplant will take a while to develop a new immune system. In these cases it is especially important for the individuals, their family and friends to take extra care in ensuring that their hands are clean to prevent the spreading of infection which, in these instances, could prove fatal.

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