Myomectomy Surgery performed by the da Vinci® Robot

Our Price: $13,995 UD (One Night Stay)

At Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico we take pride in offering our patients top quality surgeries by using the most advanced medical technologies to date.

Myomectomy also known as Fibroidectomy, is a surgery designed specifically for women who suffer from uterine leiomyomas, also known as fibroids. In this type or surgery, the uterus is not harmed, and the patient preserves their reproductive nature.

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What is the da Vinci® Surgical System?

The da Vinci Surgical System is an advanced robotic-assisted surgical platform designed to expand our surgeon’s operating capabilities and offer an improved minimally invasive option for our patients. The da Vinci Robot provides our surgeon a superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort. 

The da Vinci systems make it possible for our skilled and certified surgeons to perform improved minimally invasive procedures that involve a complex dissection or reconstruction.

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da Vinci® Assisted Myomectomy FAQ’s

Frequently-Asked-Questions about Fibroidectomy

For more information about our surgeries assisted by the da Vinci Robot  at Angeles Health International and how they offer a safer and more advanced solution for different conditions, please read our most frequently asked questions or contact us today using our “Request More Information”form at the bottom of our page.

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Myomectomy surgery performed by the da Vinci Robot offers our patients a minimally invasive solution using the most innovative technology, for them to have the best results possible.

Our surgeons control the da Vinci system, through small incisions. Using thin and small instruments that have more flexibility than human hands, allowing them to bend and rotate to have a better manipulating of the tissue. In addition, they have a 3D HD vision system, allowing them to have a magnified vision of the tissue. All these features, make for a more precise and controlled surgery.

Open Surgery Traditional Laparoscopy Da Vinci Surgery
Rate of Complications Same Same Same
Hospital Stay Longer Short Short
Rate of Blood Transfusions Higher High Low
Blood Loss Higher High Low
Post-Operative Fever Higher High Low
Conversion to Open Surgery Same Same

The most common risks for a Traditional Myomectomy are:

  • Tear in the uterus.
  • Split or burst of the uterus.
  • Pre-term births.
  • Spontaneous abortion.
  • Unsuspected uterine tissue with cancer.
  • Possible spread of the cancer.

For patients, undergoing the da Vinci assisted Myomectomy, the possibility of having the same risks as a traditional surgery is lower since it’s a more precise and controlled surgery. However, they can experience the following risks:

  • Injury to other tissues and organs.
  • Conversion to other surgical techniques, involving: longer time in surgery, additional time under anesthesia.
  • Increased rate of post-op complications since the surgery is more invasive.
  • Pulmonary embolism.

Our Myomectomy patients will have a proper evaluation and discuss their case with our medical team. Together they should review all available information and make an informed decision. However, if patients are not candidates for a traditional laparoscopic surgery they are not candidates for the da Vinci surgery.

* There is no guarantee all patients will have the same results. Prostatectomy individual results will vary.

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