Are you an ideal Candidate for Hip Resurfacing Surgery?

According to many studies, medical registries and the consensus of opinion among orthopedic surgeons, the ideal hip resurfacing candidate is a male patient under 55 who is active, has good bone density and a large, healthy femoral neck.

Our hip resurfacing surgeons will also consider older women and men as good candidates if they have good bone stock and an appropriately supportive femoral neck. Women tend to have more difficulty obtaining long term benefits of hip resurfacing surgery, though large boned women with hip joint cups larger than 50 mm have the same success rate as men.

Patients who have been diagnosed with primary osteoarthritis, secondary osteoarthritis due to trauma, and those with a mild slipped capital femoral epiphysis with secondary osteoarthritis are among candidates in a reasonably narrow range acceptable to our orthopedic surgeons.

Relative youth, density of bone stock and a hip joint socket size of 50mm or greater are specific criteria that are be good predictors of success for hip resurfacing surgery at Angeles Health.

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