6 Reasons to Choose Angeles Hospital in Mexico

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

We know that you have a wide range of options when considering your healthcare needs, both at home and abroad and that choosing a hospital is a big decision. Not only are you looking for excellent medical care, but you want to work with compassionate healthcare professionals at a cost you can afford.

Now more than ever, International patients have a lot of options to choose from abroad. In the last few years, millions of Americans and International patients have been choosing to travel abroad for medical care at affordable price.

Angeles Hospital is a top choice for affordable, high quality medical care that’s close to home. See the top six reasons why over 5 million patients chose Angeles Hospital each year:

1. Mexico’s Largest Private Hospital Network

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

Safety and Accountability, Angeles Hospital is the largest private hospital network in Mexico, there is no other healthcare provider in the country that offers the breadth of services, specialists, and care that we do. That’s why international patients that want the peace-of-mind of knowing there in the best hands, chose us over any other option.

We are proud to offer our patients:

  • 28 hospitals
  • 230 operating rooms
  • 2,550 beds
  • 11,000 physicians
  • 15,000 specialists

Angeles Hospital consists of a large network of healthcare professionals who work together to coordinate and deliver a broad spectrum of services. As a large hospital network, we pass on network provider discounts to our patients which helps provide high quality healthcare at reduced costs.

2. Certified State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

Angeles Hospital network operates 28 certified hospitals throughout Mexico. Our facilities are pristine examples of everything modern medical technology has to offer and the only internationally recognized hospital in Mexico.

Angeles Hospital uses the same state of the art equipment found at top medical facilities worldwide. We operate with advanced medical equipment from Philips and Siemens, trusted pharmaceuticals from Pfizer and Novartis, as well as top medical supplies from 3M and Johnson & Johnson.

Patient rooms at Angeles Hospital Tijuana feature private spaces with en suite bathrooms, flat screen televisions, dining/conversation areas, and comfortable sleeping options for visitors.

However, a hospital is more than just the sum of its parts. In addition to cutting edge facilities and equipment, Angeles Hospital is built on a foundation of compassionate care. We take pride in offering a warm, comfortable healthcare environment for patients and their families. Every amenity you’d expect from a modern hospital, we provide. In fact, unless you want to, there is really no need to leave the complex.

“The hospital was 12 stories tall, virtually brand new, and was furnished with nicer private rooms than any I’ve seen in the Bay Area, coupled with the latest Siemens labs/CRT, etc.”

Chris B., Burligame, CA

“I stayed one night at the Angeles Tijuana Hospital after my surgery. The Hospital is immaculate. I had a private room with a chair and couch. My boyfriend stayed the night and slept on the couch. The nurses were very attentive, they came in every couple hours to change the eye packs and always asked if I was comfortable.”

Angeles Hospital Patient

“I also want to mention the beautiful facility — we were not prepared to encounter the beautiful and immaculately clean facility that you have, but were so pleased to find it so. Thank you so much for everything.”

Cheryl and Duane W., San Antonio, TX

3. World Class Doctors and Medical Professionals

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

As the largest and most trusted hospital network in Mexico, Angeles Hospital attracts top medical talent from around the world. We have over 11,000 physicians and 15,000 specialists across our hospitals. Many of our doctors are the best in their fields.

For example, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia is recognized worldwide as a leader in Insulin Potentiation Therapy. In fact, he is the third generation of doctors who discovered and developed this innovative cancer treatmentDr. Juan Lopez Corvalais considered to be among the top ten weight-loss surgeons in the world!

Many of our physicians studied or completed fellowships at respected universities and facilities such as:

  • University of California in San Diego (UCSD)
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Guadalajara,
  • University of Baja California
  • Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City
Alternative Cancer Treatments Team

Of equal importance, our medical professionals practice kindness and compassion with each and every patient. They take the time to make sure you are comfortable, understand the details of every procedure, and personally follow up with you after your stay. The majority of our physicians are also bilingual and ready to assist English speakers from around the world.

“Dr. Julio and his associates did a very superb job! I was always treated compassionately and kindly, and the workmanship was very professional!”

Donnie Brenneman, Virginia Beach

“Dr. Alvarez called me back twice, on her time, just to check on my progress after returning to San Francisco; a class act all the way through.”

Chris B., Burligame, CA

“I have never received patient care like I did at Hospital Angeles, the staff was absolutely amazing. Dr. Cervantes is an absolute expert. He surpassed all expectations. The anesthesiologist was the most caring I have ever had, not once has an anesthesiologist ever sat down with me and explained what he would be doing, answer any questions, and just spend a little time… this entire experience was absolutely fantastic.”

Brittany Boyce, USA

4. U.S. Based Case Managers

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

Our English-speaking case managers make the medical travel process easy. Every patient at Angeles Hospital has a dedicated U.S.-based case manager to help coordinate their medical travel experience.

Our case managers take the time to ensure each patient is comfortable and confident with every step of their journey. Best of all, they’re available to support patients before, during, and after their procedure with any help necessary.

“My case manager was great in taking my case and pursuing the expedient exam so that I could make an educated and expedient assessment of my wants and requirements.”

Wyatt W. MSc, PhD

“[Our case manager] contacted us daily at the hospital and at the hotel to make sure that everything was done to our satisfaction, and when there was anything she could do to make our stay pleasant, she took care of it.”

Cheryl and Duane W., San Antonio, TX

5. Decades of Medical Tourism Experience

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

Traveling for medical care may be featured a lot lately in the news, but Angeles Hospital has been serving patients from around the world for years.

Mexico is a top destination for medical tourism featured prominently in news sources for its high quality of healthcare at much lower costs. It’s an especially attractive option for Americans and Canadians for close by medical care and an enjoyable climate for recovery.

As the medical tourism industry continues to grow, so have governing bodies dedicated to upholding high standards of excellence. The Joint Commission International (JCI) was established in 1994 to identify medical tourism facilities that meet and maintain these performance standards. The Angeles Hospital network proudly features facilities that are JCI accredited entities, including Angeles Hospital Chihuahua and Angeles Hospital Valle Oriente.

6. Conveniently Located 50 Minutes from San Diego Airport

Mexico’s #1 Medical Tourism Hospital Network

Seeking medical care abroad doesn’t mean your travels must be long and treacherous. Not with Angeles Hospital!

Angeles Hospital is conveniently located near major U.S. cities and airports:

  • Angeles Hospital Tijuana is just 50 minutes from San Diego, California Airport and Just 5 minutes away from International Border

We even offer complimentary door-to-door service from San Diego airport to the hospital. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

“From pick up to drop off, this entire experience was absolutely fantastic.”

Brittany Boyce, USA

“They offer a system of patient care that is constant from the moment you arrive at the San Diego train station or airport to the time you depart. It is comforting to know that you will never be left alone in a strange city.”

Bill Mead, Grosse Ile, Michigan, USA